Buy Hilton Honors points $5 per 1,000 to June 7

Hilton Honors offers 100% bonus points for purchases made by June 7, 2018 bringing the rate down to $5 per 1,000 points at purchases of 5,000 or more points. Members can buy 80,000 points in a calendar year. This means there is a limited time opportunity to buy as many as 160,000 points ($800) during this promotion since bonus points do not count toward the annual 80,000 points purchase limit.

Whether this is a good deal depends on where you travel.

I have my eye on several hotels in Romania at 5,000 or 10,000 points per night for $25 to $50 room nights at hotels with $100 room rates.

Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia and Krakow, Poland are three other cities with Hilton hotels at 10,000 points per night. Many hotels in Turkey and Egypt are a bargain if you care to visit those places. Asia has many hotels at 5 and 10K per night.

My plan is to pick up some more points for hotel stays in 2018 at some of these low reward rates properties in Europe. I purchased 30,000 points in March 2018 sale and received 54,000 points during an 80% promotion. I ended up not making it to Romania in April, where I had 5 nights at DoubleTree Sighisoara booked for 20,000 points. My plans are now reset for an October 2018 trip.

Hilton points have good value for me at a purchase price of $5 per 1,000 points since I plan to be in several places this year where $50 per night for a Hilton brand reward night is more competitive than other lodging options, combined with the flexibility to change my plans with no penalty up to the day before I arrive. published a list in March 2018 of 154 Hilton Honors hotels worldwide at 10,000 points and 47 hotels at 5,000 points per night.

Loyalty Traveler also published a list in March 2018 focused on Europe’s 28 Hilton Honors category 1 hotels at 5,000 points per night. My post from Sep 2017 on 32 Hilton Honors category 2 hotels at 10,000 points per night shows these hotels on a Google Maps and is still mostly valid to date. Time to update my map.

Update May 25 12:37pm Pacific:

Updated my Google Maps Hilton Honors Europe hotels at 10,000 points per night, including a few hotels that are priced at 11,000 to 12,000 points per night. There are a few hotels in Europe not found on March 2018 LoyaltyLobby list of 10K hotels. The list is now 41 hotels, partially due to hotels rising from 5,000 points per night in Russia and some new hotels at 10,000 points or 11-14K added to Europe.

Click on upper right map icon to open Google Map with hotel names and links.


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  1. Hilton must really be trying to sell points. I had already purchased points this year, and I got a message from Hilton saying that they had reset my annual limit so that I could buy another 80,000 during this sale.

  2. Why would anyone buy pts at 0.005 per pt when the pt is valued at between 0.0045 to 0.0055 at redemption since HH went to a revenue-based redemption system?

    I dont get it that you are prepaying the hotel stays with very little saving in 95% or more locations..

  3. @fll – You are basing a point value on an estimate.
    I am basing Honors point value on actual hotels where I plan to use points and know the value of Hilton Honors points to be much higher than $5 per 1,000 points.

    I plan to be in several cities where there are Hilton brand hotels at 5,000 or 10,000 points per night. These hotels have not fluctuated in rates from 5 or 10K.

    Hampton Cluj Napoca, Romania is $99 on nights I will be in city. Or 10,000 points. I can buy hotel nights for $50.
    Hampton Krakow is $105 on nights I will be in city or 10,000 points.

    I don’t care about the 95% of hotels where buying Hilton points is not a good value. I am looking at the hotels in the cities where I will be and see buying Hilton points is a cheaper hotel night than anything comparable I could find without the effort of looking for a comparable deal.

  4. No, I am not basing the point value on an estimate. I am basing it on the ACTUAL redemption we made since Hilton went to revenue system.
    Yes I know about the 10K properties in your list as we stayed in 3 of them, all in Poland. The Hampton Inn at GDN and the Hilton Garden Inn at KRK were particular good due to we departed very late from GDN and arrived almost 10pm at KRK. We got almost 1 to 1.1c from it due to the retail rates were at $100 to $110 level during our stays.

    Like I mentioned in my comment, there are only very few properties in the whole HH program that still have more than 0.005 value in ACTUAL USAGE. Why bother to buy?

    On top of that, your planned stays may not work out if the hotel point level go up from now you bought the pts.

  5. @fll – I would not buy Hilton Honors points if I did not have plans to stay at category 1 and category 2 hotels in places I will visit over the next five months. I will be in cities with Hilton brand hotels at 5,000 points and 10,000 points where $25 and $50 hotel nights using points buys reward stays.

    Buying points is less than half the cost for a hotel stay in these places than paying the current room rates for the dates I will be there. Math looks like a good deal for me.

  6. Math works even better when the points are all from sign up bonuses when Citi gave them out like candies a couple years ago. As a result many of us have never bought pts because the cost of the point from such source is at 0.0002 a pt using a 2% return on the spend put on those cards to earn the 75K bonus per pop. A friend is plunking down Hundreds of Thousands pts on a Double Tree at Panama City, FL for winter escape stay every year as his points are “bought” at that cost.

    Now this math looks like a much better deal for him (and for many).

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