Kayak Direct Flights with Google Flights Explore Map for trip planning

One of the online tools I find myself using more frequently in trip planning for European vacations is Kayak Direct Flights to find out which airlines operate nonstop flights from any airport in any specific month.

This article shows how and why I use Kayak Direct Flights. This is a useful tool when I am putting together a multiple destinations itinerary across Europe.

My objective is stringing together low-cost one-way flights to visit different places and countries. I would rather spend half a day traveling through airports, sitting in airport lounges and flying between cities rather than spend a day on a bus or train.

Google Flights is where I generally start, but I also find myself referring to Kayak Direct Flights to figure out options I might find on Google Flights.

My summer ticket to Europe has me arriving in Rome FCO. There are many flights leaving from Rome FCO. There are many more low cost flights leaving from Rome Ciampino CIA airport.

Kayak Non-stop flights from Rome Ciampino CIA in June 2018

Hundreds of airline routes criss-cross Europe. Ryanair and Wizz flights from Rome Ciampino CIA is a small sample of potential travel itineraries.

Some of the best travel deals are low cost carriers flying nonstop flights between secondary regional airports in Europe.

Google Flights in conjunction with Kayak Direct Flights

Google Flights Explore Maps shows ticket prices from an airport for a specific date.

Google Flights Explore Map
July 3, 2018
Rome Ciampino CIA

One route caught my eye with Rome CIA to Edinburgh, Scotland EDI on Ryanair.

The connection I made with Rome CIA to Edinburgh is Norwegian Airlines has cheap flights to Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland from Providence PVD and New York-Stewart SWF.

October 2018 ticket prices are $362 round trip for New York Stewart SWF to Edinburgh, Scotland. Providence PVD to Dublin DUB is even less at $279 round trip.

Providence PVD to Dublin, Ireland is as low as $279 round trip in Oct 2018 with Norwegian Airlines.

New York Stewart SWF to Edinburgh EDI as low as $362 round trip on Norwegian Airlines Oct 2018.

Edinburgh does not need to be your destination. If you have another place you would prefer in Europe, Google Maps and Kayak Direct Flights together reveal many other airports you can reach directly from Edinburgh EDI.

Kayak Direct Flights for October 2018 shows Ryanair flies to 40 different airports around Europe from Corfu, Greece to the Canary Islands of Spain off the coast of Africa, from Malta to Prague and cities in Poland.

Dublin has dozens of low cost Ryanair flights around Europe as seen on Kayak nonstop Dublin flights in October 2018. Dublin and another destination in a completely different part of Europe can be booked from Providence PVD for less than $350 round trip for fall 2018 travel.

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