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Wizz Airlines May 18-19 Birthday Sale turned me into a buyer

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Wizz Airlines has a two day Birthday Sale May 18 and May 19 providing up to 30% off all routes for tickets purchased by midnight Central European Time Saturday (3pm Pacific; 6pm ET Sat May 19 in USA).

A travel blogger in 2016, after learning I publish on, asked me if there are any airlines I would not fly. After I said I have no definite bias against flying any specific airline, she said “Wizz Air is an airline I will never fly again.”

At the time I had never flown Wizz Airlines, however, I have purchased several Wizz Airlines flights around Europe since. I found some great deals, even if some of their flights have crazy departure and arrival times. Wizz took me from Iceland to Vilnius, Lithuania in April 2017 for $75 one way with a 1am arrival time.

Wizz has an extensive network of routes around Europe.

Today I purchased two Wizz airline tickets flying Rome to Vienna this summer for $96 all in. I will lunch in Rome and dine in Vienna for dinner. Public metro will be running at regular intervals at the time of our early evening arrival in Vienna to save on local transportation cost to get into the city.

Wizz Air Discount Club 30 EUR ($35USD) per year

Wizz Air Discount Club annual membership for 30 EUR ($35.32 USD) provides a minimum 10 EUR ticket discount price and a minimum 5 EUR reduced rate for checked bags. Discounts apply to companion ticket too. I received 7 EUR off my bag fee cost today.

My previous Wizz Air ticket purchase saved the total annual membership cost with two airline tickets. The tickets I purchased today are a flight I have tracked for the past 10 weeks. The price for two FCO-VIE tickets dropped from $104 in early March to $84 last week to $48 today with the Wizz Airlines Birthday Sale discount rate.

One checked bag ($34) and two paid seat assignments ($17) combined cost an additional $51, more than the base price for my two airline tickets ($45).

Still, $48 each to fly Rome to Vienna is a real deal bargain.

So far I have had smooth flying with Wizz Airlines. Keeping my fingers crossed for smooth summer travel.

a pink and white airplane with balloons in the sky




  • Ron May 19, 2018

    Why did the other blogger you referenced have such a negative opinion about the airline?

    I’ve never flown with them and really know nothing about them, other than occasionally spotting their planes at European airports. Would you compare them to Ryan Air or Spirit??

  • Ric Garrido May 20, 2018

    Wizz Air is definitely similar to Ryanair. Cheap fares and everything else extra. Wizz Air is based out of Budapest and offers an extensive network of routes in central and eastern Europe that are not serviced by many airlines.

    One aspect of Wizz Air I like better than Ryanair is the option to book different add-on items to a ticket like seat or checked bag for each individual passenger in the same booking.

    Ryanair forces a checked bag for each passenger when I only want one bag. I have to book two different itineraries for my wife and I when I don’t want to pay for a seat or bag and she does.

  • Julien May 20, 2018

    Started flying Wizz Air last year, when they expanded to Bratislava and Vienna. Alll fares were between 10 and 25 Euros one way and they offer great new dir ect flight options, e.g. Vienna to Gdansk, the Balcans or Georgia. A huge improvement was their new hand luggage rule, which was adjusted to the market standard. Finally, all my flights with them have been on time so far, while for example Eurowings ex Vienna is constantly delayed.

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