Choice Privileges Points and Cash rewards are back

Choice Privileges Points and Cash rewards are bookable again in May 2018 after nearly a year missing in action since last May 2017. The basic deal is any hotel bookable as a points reward can be booked as a Points and Cash reward redeeming 6,000 points per night and paying $7.50 per 1,000 points for the remainder needed to book the standard reward rate.

Choice Privileges reward nights range from 6,000 points to 30,000 points. There are a few hotels with even higher reward rates, up to 75,000 points.

Standard Rewards / Points and Cash Rewards

6,000 points / no Points and Cash option.

8,000 points / 6,000 points + $15

10,000 points / 6,000 points + $30

12,000 points / 6,000 points + $45

16,000 points / 6,000 points + $75

20,000 points / 6,000 points + $105

25,000 points / 6,000 points + $142.50

30,000 points / 6,000 points + $180

The value of Choice Privileges Points and Cash

Loyalty Traveler readers may know that I tend to use nearly all my Choice Privileges points for international hotel stays.

Here is the type of value for a San Francisco hotel similar to the kind of value I find in Europe with my Choice Privileges points.

HTL 587 San Francisco, an Ascend Hotel Collection

Fri May 25 – Sun May 27, 2018

  • Best Available Rate = $542.07 USD (after tax)
  • Standard Reward = 20,000 points x 2 nights = 40,000 points
  • Points and Cash Reward = 6,000 points + $105 x 2 nights = 12,000 points + $210.

12,000 points + $210 for a $542 weekend stay in San Francisco provides a $330 rate discount for 12,000 Choice Privileges points. Choice Privileges members can buy 12,000 points today for $118.80.

Glad to see this reward option back in place. I hope it stays around for some time.

Choice Privileges Points and Cash provide some great deals at many hotels, while conserving points in your account.

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  1. I wonder why Points+Cash disappeared in the first place. Some arcane, boring software incompatibility?

  2. Watch out for the new points and cash offers!

    A lot of them that I checked out had the Cash part of the Cash plus Points offer more than just paying cash.

    $83 cash vs $105 +6000 points. Which to choose?

  3. @Jim – at least Choice Privileges displays Points and Cash, Standard reward and room rate in cash all visible at same time when searching points reward nights.

    Easy to compare paid price to reward night price when you book.

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