Hyatt buy points 40% bonus to May 23, 2018

World of Hyatt members buy points promotion offers 30% bonus points when buying 5,000 points to 9,000 points and 40% bonus points for 10,000 to 55,000 points on purchases through May 23, 2018.

Hyatt points regular price = $24.00 per 1,000 points.

  • 30% bonus points = $18.46 per 1,000 points with bonus points for 5,000 to 9,000 points.
  • 40% bonus points = $17.14 per 1,000 points 10,000 to 55,000 points.

World of Hyatt sample Price Points:

  • 1,000 points = $24 (regular purchase price).
  • 6,500 points = $120 (5,000 points minimum purchase with 30% bonus points).
  • 14,000 points = $240 (10,000 points minimum purchase with 40% bonus points).
  • 77,000 points = $1,320.00 (55,000 points maximum purchase with 40% bonus points).

Discount price or bonus points – Which is better type of buy points promotion?

SPG is currently running a 35% off discount price on points purchases through May 31 and World of Hyatt offers 40% bonus points on points purchases through May 23.

Which kind of promotional offer is better depends on whether you are a maximum points buyer.

Hyatt’s sale favors buyers who want the option to buy more points than the annual purchase limit allows. The option to buy 77,000 Hyatt points might be beneficial to someone who needs more than 55,000 points for good value redemption opportunities.

Personally, I don’t see too much value in Hyatt points, even at $17.14 per 1,000 points. Part of that is due to my current account balance and the fact that I have had very few Hyatt stays in the past two years. In fact, my few Hyatt stays have been reward nights at category 1 hotels for 5,000 points per night.

My last extended stay of 7 nights was Hyatt Regency New Orleans June 2016, where I booked through an online travel agency at a rate less than 50% of the rate Hyatt was asking through their website. And Hyatt rejected my best rate guarantee claim. Good news is Hyatt granted me lounge access as a Hyatt Diamond member at the time.

Cost of hotel reward nights at $17.14 per 1,000 points

  • $85.72 for a category 1 reward night at 5,000 points.
  • $137.15 for a category 2 reward night at 8,000 points.
  • $205.72 for a category 3 reward night at 12,000 points.
  • $257.15 for a category 4 reward night at 15,000 points.
  • $342.86 for a category 5 reward night at 20,000 points.
  • $428.58 for a category 6 reward night at 25,000 points.
  • $514.29 for a category 7 reward night at 30,000 points.

Aside from category 1 and 2, I would not consider staying at any other higher category hotel using purchased points. The only time I ever spent over $200 for a hotel room was about 15 years ago when I received SPG 20,000 bonus points for a night at Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam to complete a promotion bonus offer.

A discount points offer is a better promotion for people who desire fewer points than the maximum limit. Ideally the discount offer applies to purchases at lower levels. I have used discount promotions to buy fewer than 10,000 points in several programs to top off my account for a reward stay without substantial spend.

Radisson Rewards recently had a 75% bonus on points purchases starting from 1,000 points (ended April 22).

SPG currently offers 35% discount on points purchased through May 31, 2018.

World of Hyatt 30% and 40% bonus points for purchases through May 23, 2018.


There is a chance you can score a deep discount on Hyatt points through Daily Getaways next Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

$260 = 24,000 points (120 sets)

$330 = 30,000 points (54 sets)

$415 = 40,000 points (30 sets)

$775 = 72,000 points (25 sets)

The $415 for 40,000 points is the best rate at $10.38 per 1,000 points and a great value. The problem is this Daily Getaways offer is highly competitive. This sale is extremely difficult to land on a purchase page before they are completely occupied in the first two seconds after the sale goes live. If you do not hit a landing page on your first try, then you have highly limited chance of getting another opportunity to reload the page for a Hyatt points purchase.

I suggest trying your luck at Daily Getaways, then use this bonus points offer as a backup plan if Daily Getaways leaves you empty.



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  1. For the daily getaway deals, they specify the category level on the deal. Does it mean that the points purchased through daily getaway can only be used for cat 4 or 5 hotels? Can the points be used freely on any categories?

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