Buy Points Radisson Rewards

Buy Radisson Rewards points at $4 per 1,000 to April 22


  • Soren April 20, 2018

    I was checking your blog for value breakdown on this sale for a couple days, so very timely.
    I have noticed in London next month that some props have been as high as 105k on peak days. Unbelievable. 50k redemption’s have nearly disappeared entirely.
    Only Waterloo Pk Plaza is showing availability at that level currently, but on my dates it’s 70k,
    so I’ll have to cobble together some IHG. However, I might take advantage of this sale.

    Aside: I’m using a Chase free night @ IC Pk Lane during this trip before it expires.
    It’s only available for one night during my dates.

  • Rupert April 25, 2018

    Thanks for your detailed thoughts and analysis. I’ve come to a similar conclusion for my travel needs and didn’t buy either. I did snatch a few of the Cat 1/2 hotels in Europe before they went up for upcoming stays.
    I have similar needs for solo travel, but do splurge on luxury/upscale hotels when traveling with my much better half. Unfortunately, Radisson has lost some of the expensive properties I’ve stayed at, ie the Le Dokhan and Metropolitan Paris, Radisson San Francisco, etc
    Prices going up at the lower end and high-end properties disappearing is a one-two-punch for Radisson Rewards. Let’s hope their plans to add better hotels and force out underperforming properties come to fruition!

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