Hilton Honors new earn points rates April 2018

Hilton Honors changes April 2, 2018 to its loyalty program eliminated My Way earning for Points & Points or Points & Miles to increased elite bonus points.

The net effect of changes means fewer points earned for Blue and Silver members, and about same earn rate for Gold and Diamond members as they received with Points & Points earning (15 points per $1).

Hilton Honors April18 earn rates

Hilton Honors Elite Status Qualification

There are no changes to elite qualification requirements.

  • Silver elite qualification = 4 stays or 10 nights
  • Gold elite qualification = 20 stays or 40 nights or 75,000 base points (minimum $7,500 in spend).
  • Diamond elite qualification = 30 stays or 60 nights or 120,000 base points (minimum $12,000 in spend).

New April 2018 elite bonus points earn rate

  • Blue Member = 10 points per dollar
  • Silver elite = 12 points per dollar (20% elite bonus points)
  • Gold elite = 18 points per dollar (80% elite bonus points)
  • Diamond elite = 20 points per dollar (100% elite bonus points)

Previous Points & Points earner + elite bonus points earn rate

  • Blue Member = 15 points per dollar (10 base points + 5 bonus points).
  • Silver elite = 16.5 points per dollar (15% elite bonus
  • Gold elite = 17.5 points per dollar (25% elite bonus
  • Diamond elite = 20 points per dollar (50% elite bonus

The net effect is low stay base level and Silver elite members see a significant reduction in their points earning ability.

April 2018 points earn rates from hotel stays:

Honors Blue members drop from 15 points per $1 with Points & Points earning to 10 points per dollar in the new earning system.

Honors Silver elite members drop from 16.5 points per dollar with Points & Points earning to 12 points per dollar in the new earning system.

Honors Gold elite members will earn 500 more elite bonus points for every $1,000 in spend as of April 2018.

Gold elite members also earn 10,000 bonus points if member reaches 40 nights in a calendar year and this 10K bonus repeats at 50 nights.

Diamond elite members see no changes to their points earn rate compared to the old Points & Points system. Daimonds will continue to earn 20 points per dollar until 40 nights when Milestone 10,000 points bonuses kick in.

Qualify for Diamond elite at 60 nights and member will receive 30,000 bonus points, then 10,000 bonus points at 70, 80, 90, 100, … nights.


Other changes in April 2018 are

  • Elite Rollover Nights (Silver, Gold, Diamond members)
  • Milestone Bonuses (Gold, Diamond members only)
  • Elite status gifting (Diamond members only)

Elite Rollover Nights are most useful for Silver elite members who finish the year somewhat short of 40 nights. Assume 25 nights and 12 stays stayed as a Silver elite in 2018, then you start 2019 with 15 elite nights and only need 25 nights to reach Gold elite.

This is another benefit geared to only the most frequent guests.

Since elite rollover nights does not affect the potentially easier way to reach Gold elite by 20 stays rather than 40 nights, this is a change that really only benefits the truly frequent Gold and Diamond elite guest who can reach 40 nights or more, even with rollover nights.

Milestone Bonuses = 10,000 bonus points every 10 nights starting at 40 nights + 30,000 bonus points at 60 nights.

This benefit requires earning Honors Gold elite the harder way by 40 nights rather than 20 stays.

10,000 bonus points is like a $50 bonus in points after 40 nights considering Hilton Honors points are sold for $5 per 1,000 points various times of the year.

Gold and Diamond members reaching 60 nights will have earned 20,000 bonus points for reaching 40 and 50 nights and receive an additional 30,000 bonus points at 60,000 points, the hard qualification route for Honors Diamond elite. Sort of like receiving the equivalent of $250 rebate as 50,000 bonus points after likely $6,000 or more in annual hotel spend.

Elite Status Gifting = gift Gold elite to someone after reaching 60 nights in a calendar year or gift Diamond elite after reaching 100 nights in a calendar year.

A nice gift to receive, but a hard benefit to earn for the vast majority of Hilton Honors members.

Hilton Honors benefits April18

My view of Hilton Honors changes

All in all, I view these changes as a program devaluation for the vast majority of Hilton Honors members. These changes only benefit the truly frequent traveler dedicated to stays at Hilton brands.

Gold and Diamond elite members by virtue of credit card status and not nights will likely see very little change in points earning or benefits with these 2018 program changes.

Base level Blue and Silver elite members will likely earn far fewer points from hotel stays beginning April 2018.

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