SAS Premium Economy tickets for Aegean Star Alliance Gold elite (2 of 2)

This is the second part about earning Star Alliance Gold elite qualification through Aegean Miles+Bonus for a fraction of the spend needed to earn United Mileage Plus elite or Star Alliance Gold elite through most other airline member frequent flyer programs.

Loyalty Traveler – Cheap Star Alliance Gold elite with SAS Flights (1 of 2)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines is my Aegean Gold Elite Qualification plan.

One $470 SAS Stockholm-San Francisco round trip ticket and a $106 Aegean one way ticket Sofia – Athens – Warsaw earned sufficient elite qualifying miles in Aegean Miles+Bonus to reach Silver elite for me in 2017.

Aegean Silver Elite initial qualification

  • 12,000 Tier Miles + 2 Aegean/Olympic flight segments


  • 24,000 Tier Miles (any Star Alliance airlines)

Membership year is date of initial qualification.

My SAS flights for Aegean Silver elite were completed July 12, 2017. I have until July 12, 2018 to earn Aegean Gold elite by earning 24,000 Tier Miles with 4 Aegean flight segments. To date, I have flown 13,000 Tier Miles with 4 Aegean flights. I need to earn 11,000 more Tier Miles by July 12, 2018.

Aegean Gold Elite initial qualification

Membership year is date of initial qualification

  • 24,000 Tier Miles + 4 Aegean/Olympic flight segments


  • 48,000 Tier Miles (any Star Alliance airlines)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines deep discount economy flights earn 100% flight miles as Tier Miles. Economy flights from California to Denmark, Norway or Sweden are priced from $550 to $750 round trip. Ticket prices are lower flying Scandinavia to California, starting at $450 round trip.

SAS Scandinavia  Los Angeles – Copenhagen $545 round trip

LAX – Stockholm ARN – Copenhagen CPH – ARN – LAX

$544.41 round trip  Tue April 17 – Wed April 25

LAX-CPH $545 SK Apr18-25

This $545 ticket earns 12,242 Aegean Tier Miles.


SAS Premium Economy Earns Double Tier Miles

SAS Premium Economy fares in A or P booking code earn 200% Tier Miles with 1,200 miles flight segment minimum

After a member attains Aegean Silver elite, a quick fast track to Gold elite is possible with a single SAS Premium Economy ticket earning 24,000 Tier Miles and four Aegean flights or two Premium Economy tickets earning 48,000 Tier Miles with no Aegean flights.

SAS Premium Economy ticket prices from California ($1,180 – 1,300+) tend to be several hundred dollars more than tickets from Scandinavia to California ($925).

Once a member earns initial Aegean Gold elite, requalification for Gold elite requires only 24,000 Tier Miles and can be accomplished with a single SAS Premium Economy ticket for California to Scandinavia round trip with no need to fly any Aegean flights.

SAS Premium Economy Booking Code A

LAX – Stockholm ARN – Oslo OSL – ARN – LAX

$1,179.90 round trip Wed May 9 – Wed May 16

LAX-OSL $1180 SK-PE May9-16

SAS Website SAS PlusSaver

Premium Economy A code ticket

LAX-OSL $1180-PE SK site

SAS Premium Economy Oslo – LAX $964 (June 13-24).


These Premium Economy Oslo to Los Angeles tickets earn:

  • OSL – ARN = 1,200 Tier Miles (240 flight miles)
  • ARN – LAX = 11,042 Tier Miles (5,521 flight miles)
  • LAX – ARN = 11,042 Tier Miles (5,521 flight miles)
  • ARN – OSL = 1,200 Tier Miles (240 flight miles)

24,484 Tier Miles earned from a single OSL-LAX Premium Economy ticket for $964.

I completed 4 Aegean flight segments in October 2017 for $130 flying Nice – Athens – Sofia – Athens – Prague.

Once you have Aegean Gold elite, requalification at 24,000 Aegean Tier Miles can be achieved with a single California-Scandinavia Premium Economy round trip ticket priced from $950-$1,200.

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  1. I am so confused by your writing style with the series of two posts. It just doesn’t read fluidly. I trust others feel the same way!

  2. Thanks to a post about this you did in Fall 2016, I booked two SAS Premium Economy flights and got Silver after my first segment (LAX to ARN) plus two A3 segments (ARN to ATH, ATH to CHQ). Got lounge passes and upgrade certs within a couple days, which I used for my return flight to ARN that next week! Then going for Gold once the “clock reset” after reaching Silver, my SAS segments and four more A3 flights were a breeze. I requalified this past Feb on a cheap R/T ($365, what a steal) and more A3 segments (so easy to do considering all their destinations). I really love Business on Aegean, esp. flights longer than three hours…they do it up right. But even Economy has free food and wine–including the 50-minute hops on Olympic (subsidiary). Just did a status run with my partner with SAS/A3 so we both can enjoy the “good life” of *A Gold. (And the bonus is that there are lot of miles in our accounts with Aegean…enough for some nice award travel.) Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. @Lloyd – Do you have any questions I can clarify?

    @Chris – AA Platinum elite kept me from rushing to attain Aegean Gold elite. My AA Platinum benefits put Kelley and me in airport lounges last month on our trip to Europe.

    If plans work out, then I should have Star Alliance Gold when we travel to Europe in summer.

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