Bali Denpasar DPS Jakarta, Indonesia CGK Los Angeles LAX Skyteam Alliance Xiamen Airlines-SkyTeam

SkyTeam Xiamen LAX to Jakarta $437, Bali $515

SkyTeam member airline Xiamen has LAX to Jakarta, Indonesia for $437 round trip March to early May. From Jakarta there are several airlines offering round trip flights to Bali DPS for $73 to $83 round trip.

These low fare tickets book in Xiamen Economy S, which does not earn miles in any SkyTeam frequent flyer programs.

There are one stop and two stop itineraries for LAX-CGK. The two stop itineraries tend to have shorter layover times, while one stop allows time for a day time hotel in Xiamen.

Xiamen Airlines  LAX – Xiamen XMN – Jakarta CGK – Xiamen XMN – Qingdao TAO – LAX

$435.61 round trip Expedia Mon April 16 – Mon April 23

These fares are available through Xiamen website and other OTA sites. Expedia offers $1 discount.

LAX-CGK $436 Xiamen Apr16-23

LAX-CGK-2 $436 Xiamen Apr16-23

Jakarta – Bali Denpasar DPS

$94 round trip Wed April 18 – Sun April 22

CGK-DPS $94rt Apr18-22

There are lower fares between Jakarta and Bali. I picked this itinerary solely to fit within the Xiamen ticket times. There are many dates with low Xiamen fares for LAX to Indonesia and most flights between Jakarta and Bali average $40 each way.