Rant #2 Best Western Rewards promotion email too late for me

Best Western Rewards released its winter 2018 bonus promotions this week. I wrote about their primary offer for a $10 Best Western Travel Card on February 11 for the promotion period Feb 12-April 30, 2018.

I published my article three days ago detailing three BWR offers posted in my account –

Best Western Rewards AAdvantage or Aeroplan bonus miles or $10 BW Travel Card per stay.

I registered for all three of these promotion offers.

That same day, Brian at The Gate posted his article –

Would You Rather Earn 2,000 Points Per Stay or a $10 Gift Card?

Sure, I would rather earn 2,000 bonus points than a $10 gift card. But that was irrelevant since that was not an offer I had received in my account list as a promotion choice.

Yesterday I received an email from Best Western Rewards with a different offer for Feb 12-April 30 stays:

Choose your reward! Get a gift card or double points on every stay.

Best Western 2x points winter 2018

My Best Western Rewards rant here is these two promotion offers are mutually exclusive. A member can’t change their promotion offer once one of these two promotions is selected.

Since I registered for the Best Western $10 travel card offer on February 11, I can’t change to the better offer I received on February 13 for double points on every stay.

I earned several $10 BW Travel Cards in 2017 and never redeemed any of them due to the Travel Card not being valid on advance purchase rates and expiring 120 days after issuance.

Double Points would have been a preferable promotion for my travel. Points do not expire, unlike the Travel Card credit.

But I am unable to switch since I already registered for the BW $10 Travel Card.

Receiving a better Best Western promotion offer one day after the February 12 promotion start period is quite annoying, since I was already ineligible to take advantage of double points due to signing up for the $10 Travel Card.

Best Western Rewards needs to get their promotions lined up before their promotion period begins, especially if they are going to present members with mutually exclusive choices.

BWR $10 card thanks

I am not feeling very thankful for hotel loyalty promotions today.

No more rants today.

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