French Bee Airlines Papeete PPT French Polynesia Paris Orly ORY San Francisco SFO Tahiti

French Bee Airlines Paris Orly–SFO $209 one way

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French Bee Airlines is a low cost European airline operating Paris Orly to Tahiti PPT flights in May 2018 via San Francisco SFO. Starting fares are around $1,300 round trip for Paris to Tahiti.

Another deal available for travel in May and early June are one way flights from Paris ORY to SFO for 169.31 EUR ($208.20 USD) on some dates in May and 347.83 EUR ($427.73) round trip.

French Bee has one way ticket prices and a free carry on bag allowance.

French Bee Paris ORY – SFO nonstop

169.31 EUR / $208.20 USD  one way  Sun May 20

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Basic Economy tickets include a 10kg carry-on bag.

At this time there are no ticket sales for SFO-Paris.

The website is only in French as far as I can tell. I did not find an English language button. The website images below are in French.

ORY-SFO $430 FrenchBee May20-28

French Bee has a bundled package ticket with seat and checked bag for 70 EUR more each way.

FrenchBee economy fares

For San Francisco flyers I see French Bee as an alternative option to Norwegian and WOW low cost one way flights to and from Europe.

A big advantage to Norwegian is flying into SFO rather than Oakland airport. For me the flight time of Norwegian in to Oakland generally means a drive through evening rush hour traffic to get home.

21:25 arrival from Paris is a much easier commute time out of the airport for my drive to Monterey.

The thought of a few trips through Paris for cheap flights to San Francisco seems like a change of scene of from my frequent transits through Copenhagen and Stockholm for Norwegian and WOW flights.



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  • ABC February 12, 2018

    Why isn’t there a USs based company focused on low cost transatlantic flights? All three you mentioned are European.

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