Marriott Rewards 262 hotels category 3-4 and 185 hotels 4-5 shift March 6, 2018

Marriott Rewards is raising 1,083 hotels to higher points categories for reward nights using points on March 6, 2018. There are 248 hotels dropping one category.

This post lists 262 hotels rising from category 3 (15,000 points) to category 4 (20,000 points). 185 hotels rise from category 4 to category 5 (25,000 points).

Three previous articles cover all the other hotels rising in Marriott Rewards hotel reward category. 

Analysis – Marriott Rewards category 1,083 hotels up, 248 down March 6, 2018. This article gives an overview of number of hotels in each Marriott Rewards points category going up and down. I included a comparison of the category distribution of all 5000+ hotels worldwide after March 6 changes to the distribution of Marriott hotels in 2010. Spoiler alert: Marriott Rewards has proportionally shifted hotels from the bottom three categories upwards.

The list of 124 hotels moving from Category 5 to 6 on March 6, 2018 is in this initial article. These are hotels to consider booking before March 6 using free night certificates if any of these properties is a place you were considering staying.

Marriott Rewards 2018 changes, 88 hotels cat 1 to cat 2; 241 cat 2-3

Marriott Rewards 181 category 6-8 hotels going up March 6, 2018

Marriott Rewards 262 Hotels Category 3 to category 4 shift

53 hotels international, 209 hotels USA

Marriott 2018 cat3-4 53int

USA 210 hotels

Marriott 2018 cat3-4 USA 210

The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota, Florida rises from Tier 3 (50,000 points) to Tier 4 (60,000 points).

Marriott Rewards 185 Hotels

Category 4 (20,000 points) to category 5 (25,000 points) shift

22 hotels international, 163 hotels USA

Marriott 2018 cat4-5 22int

163 hotels USA

Marriott 2018 cat4-5 163USA

My final article on Marriott Rewards points category changes will cover the 248 hotels dropping by one category on March 6, 2018.

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