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Marriott Rewards 2018 changes, 88 hotels cat 1 to cat 2; 241 cat 2-3

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Marriott Rewards is raising the points category for 1,083 hotels on March 6, 2018 and dropping points category for 248 hotels. This post lists 88 hotels rising from category 1 (7,500 points) to category 2 (10,000 points) and 241 hotels rising from category 2 to category 3 (15,000 points).

Two previous articles cover hotels in categories 5-8 going up.

Analysis – Marriott Rewards category 1,083 hotels up, 248 down March 6, 2018 is an overview of the number of hotels rising in each category and going down in each category. I also included a comparison to the hotel reward category distribution for Marriott Rewards properties in 2010 compared to 2018.

This article has a list of 124 hotels in category 5 rising to category 6. These are the hotels to consider booking by March 5 for dates later in 2018, if you have a free category 5 reward night from the recent Marriott Rewards MegaBonus or Marriott credit card.

Marriott Rewards 181 category 6-8 hotels going up March 6, 2018 is simply a list of hotels by reward category for the high end hotels rising in points cost March 6, 2018.

Category 1 to Category 2 shift at 88 hotels

(66 USA, 22 International)

Marriott 2018 cat1-2 int22hotels

Courtyard Pilsen in Czech Republic is a hotel I enjoyed staying at in July 2017 on points. Pilsen is an hour bus ride from Prague and the location is great for a tourist walking around Old Town. Pilsner Urquell Brewery is a short 15-minute walk from the hotel.

Loyalty Traveler – Marriott Courtyard Pilsen CZ category 1 reward stay.

When the African hotel chain Protea first became integrated into Marriott Rewards nearly all these hotels were category 1 (57 hotels) and category 2 (28 hotels). There has now been a couple years of redistribution along the Marriott Rewards category scale, yet most of the Protea hotels are still in category 1 or 2.

Loyalty Traveler – Marriott Rewards 100 Protea Hotels in Africa are mostly category 1 and 2 hotels (Jan 5, 2016).

Marriott 2018 cat-1-2 USA66

I have not stayed at any of these USA category 1 hotels. My favorite category 1 Fairfield Inn Tehachapi, California went to category 2 in one of the recent annual shifts.

Loyalty Traveler – I gambled and won! Fairfield Inn Tehachapi, California is great Marriott Rewards Category 1 hotel award.

Marriott Rewards Category 2 to Category 3 shift at 241 hotels

37 international, 204 USA

Marriott 2018 cat2-3 int-37

Ritz Carlton Dubai shifts from RCR Tier 2 (40,000 points) to Tier 3 (50,000 points).

The shift from category 2 at 10,000 points reward nights to category 3 at 15,000 points is the biggest shift proportionally with these hotels requiring 50% more points for free nights as of March 6.

Moxy Milan MXP is a hotel I wanted to stay at when it was category 1 a couple years ago, but I never ended up transiting through Milan on my travels.

USA 204 hotels shifting category 2 to category 3 on March 6, 2018

Marriott 2018 cat-2-3 USA

262 hotels moving from Marriott Rewards category 3 to 4 is the largest number of hotels shifting on March 6, 2018. My next post will list Marriott Rewards category 3 to 4 hotels and 185 hotels moving from category 4 to 5. 

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