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Park Inn Prague New Year’s Eve reward stay

Prague turns out to be a major tourism destination for New Year’s Eve. Most midscale hotels were running about $150 to $200 per night with upscale hotels in the $300 range. Many hotels also appeared to have a 2-night or 3-night minimum stay for the weekend Sunday New Year’s Eve fireworks event.

IHG Rewards Club had InterContinental Prague available for 40,000 points, but I opted for Club Carlson and Park Inn Prague at 28,000 points per night for a 3-night stay.

I enjoy the neighborhood around Park Inn Prague with local restaurants and pubs with prices quite a bit below Old Town Prague locations. I also figured the high ramparts of Vysehrad would be a nearby location to walk for views of fireworks.

Prague Night Vysehrad

Park Inn Prague

This was my third stay at Park Inn Prague in 2017. The other two stays were paid nights.

Park Inn Prague Hotel Review Club Carlson 2-for-1 rate (Feb 2, 2017)

2 stays earned 1 Free Friday Park Plaza Vondelpark Amsterdam and Park Inn Prague (July 21, 2017)

Park Inn Prague hotel review (Jul 25, 2017).

Park Inn lobby

On this trip I learned the hotel has two sides with a different set of elevators near the reception desk than I used in previous stays.

Park Inn Prague bar

Park Inn Prague dining room

Each of my three hotel stays at Park Inn Prague has been in a different room of the hotel on the left, right and front sides of the building.

Prague Park Inn deck-1

Each time I have stayed at Park Inn Prague my room has been on the 5th floor with a patio deck. This was the largest of the room decks. We primarily used the deck to place bottles of beer outside to chill naturally and for some New Year’s Eve fireworks views.

Park Inn Prague room-1 

Park Inn Prague room-8

Park Inn Prague room-2

Park Inn Prague room-3

While this room had the largest patio deck, the bathroom was the smallest of the three rooms I have stayed with only a shower stall. The other two rooms I stayed had both shower and a separate bathtub.

Park Inn Prague room-5

Park Inn Prague room-6

One of my favorite bathroom features is a heated towel rack. This allowed us to wash laundry by hand and dry our clothes overnight. Clean clothes came in handy during days 6 to 8 of our 13 day trip.

Park Inn towel rack

Park Inn Prague Room View

Park Inn Prague view-1

Park Inn Prague view-2

Park Inn Prague view-3

Nearly all the surrounding buildings in the immediate vicinity of the room as seen from the deck are residential apartments.

Park Inn Prague Floor 6 Fitness Gym

Another feature of being on the right side of the hotel is the 6th floor fitness center was directly above our room.

Park inn gym-1

Park Inn gym-2

Park Inn gym-3

The photo below shows 5th floor patio decks.

Park Inn gym view-4

Park Inn Prague offered a New Year’s Eve party special event for about 100 EUR per person.

Park Inn New Year

Pubs, Restaurants and Groceries around Park Inn Prague

There is a bar and RGB restaurant at Park Inn Prague. I have never eaten there at the hotel. One of my favorite aspects of the Park Inn Prague location are several pubs and restaurants within a few minutes walk around the hotel. I truly enjoy this part of Prague due to most of the patrons in pubs and restaurants being locals and not tourists.

Tesco Express is around the corner from Park Inn Prague’s front entrance.

U Vorare pub

From past stays at Park Inn Prague, U Vorare is what I considered to be my local pub. I love their wall murals, rock music and basement seating with cheap Svijany beer prices.

Loyalty Traveler – Hospůdka U Voraře, my Prague local pub

On this trip we found an even better dining option at U tří bojovníků, a restaurant on the next street from Park Inn Prague.

U tří bojovníků

Their food prices were a real deal and Pilsner Urquell 44 CZK per pint.

U tří bojovníků homepage

We ate there three times with soups, chicken and pork dishes and finally tried our first Czech pork knee meal on New Year’s Eve. One $12 pork knee filled both of us with enough leftovers for another meal in our room. This is the place I called the 500 CZK dinner where we were able to dine with soups, two entree meals and four beers for about $25.

Pork knee-2

U Bráchy is another pub on the same block as U Vorare and U3 bojovníků. They have live music at times. I enjoyed the old bicycle posters decor.

U Brachy


For midnight munchies we ordered pizza takeaway at Telepizza for less than $5 a pizza. Medium pizza cost 180 CZK, but they take 60 CZK off for pick-up.

Telepizza is in the middle of the block on the same street as U tří bojovníků. The restaurant is just to the right of my photo frame and U Brachy is to the left around the corner from Telepizza.


Google maps Park Inn Prague

Google maps Park Inn Prague

Park Inn Prague is the $72 mark. Tesco Express, U tří bojovníků, Telepizza and U Vorare are shown on this map. U Brachy is on Na Hrobci street.

Prague Park Inn deck-2

Park Inn Prague is 28,000 Club Carlson points for a free reward night. Hotel rates during our New Year’s Eve 3-night weekend stay were $203 per night for a prepaid nonrefundable rate.


  • tassojunior February 3, 2018

    I also often stay at the Park Inn when hotels more in the center are expensive. What I don’t understand is why you don’t try to get the end suites facing Svobodova Street. They are huge and have two bathrooms. I think mine last time was room 402 so maybe it’s the “02” rooms. They are about 1000 sq feet and have beautiful views of the river, the tram bridge, the old fort site Vyshrad and the clock towers on the square.

    Most of the rooms at the Park Inn are extremely small. The terrace rooms you get are a little better. The suites on the building’s end are huge. Nice leather furniture, full-wall windows, jacuzzi, etc. I use whatever the status is from the credit card to get the upgrade and maybe a tip. Usually I use the points+cash option.

    It’s nice having to Tesco Express on the corner but do you know there’s a full-size Lidl market with bakery, cheese section etc just two short blocks down Svobodova on Na Slupi?

    I find the restaurant in the hotel to be extremely good, elegant, and very reasonable. (A lot of Londoners come to Prague for the extremely cheap high cuisine that’s fairly new in Prague).

    The historic old fort across the street was torn down for a church but the ramparts up to it are impressive. The nun’s cemetery on top is sweetly quaint.

    The Park Inn is a long way to the closest subway station which is why there are usually taxis out front. (Uber is extraordinarily cheap in Prague tho). I’ll be in Prague again in 3 weeks for a week but won’t be staying at the Park Inn in spite of the impressive suites. This time of year 4* hotels in the center are going for $40-$50 and 5*’s are as low as $75. Off-season in a tourist town is wonderful. During peak I’ve been staying more around the IP Pavlova metro. The Prague City Clarion and the Galileo there are impressive and reasonable even in high season when hotels more in the center can reach hundreds of dollars.And the Metro/bus to the airport from there is $1 (tho Uber’s just $14 in a pinch).

    I think from now on I’ll try for the upgrade to the suite at Park Inn and if refused walk away to a backup reservation around IP Pavlova during peak season. But off-season I enjoy the 70%-80% discounts in the center and old town.

  • Ric Garrido February 3, 2018

    “What I don’t understand is why you don’t try to get the end suites facing Svobodova Street.”

    In Sweden it is called ‘lagom’.

    I am happy with the rooms I have received at Park Inn Prague.

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