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No bag fees Allegiant $39 Monterey to Las Vegas for Frontier $37 Miami flight

a close-up of a plane

Frontier Airlines has a fare sale about three times per week. Last November, I took the bait during a 99% off fare sale to buy a $37 one way ticket for Las Vegas to Miami. My return flight Miami to Las Vegas was $24.

The real motivation to fly to Miami was not the cheap airfare. Cheap reward nights available through Best Western Rewards for any North American hotel at 10,000 points was my trip motivation. South Florida hotels, even Best Western, average $200 per night in January.

Allegiant Air Monterey MRY – Las Vegas LAS

One of the few direct flights from Monterey is Allegiant Airlines to Las Vegas. I have flown Allegiant a few times. On this trip I learned a bag fee lesson to remember for future Allegiant Air travel.

Allegiant Air has variable bag fee pricing depending on the flight. The price for MRY-LAS for one carry-on bag was $22, if purchased at time of booking. A couple days ago I had second thoughts about traveling with only my backpack as a free personal bag for under the seat.

Allegiant free bag size

Allegiant Free Personal Bag dimensions:

Maximum dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimeters)

Allegiant carryon bag dimensions:

Maximum size is 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 centimeters)

To my surprise, the $22 initial bag fee to add a carry on bag at booking for my MRY-LAS Allegiant flight was $45 if purchased after ticket booking and $50 at the airport.

Since I traveled on WOW Air from San Francisco to Prague, Poland and Stockholm last January for 10 days with only my one free backpack under the seat, traveling this January to South Florida with shorts, t-shirts and sandals seemed an easy task for packing small without paying for a larger carry on bag.


MRY Allegiant

Frontier Airlines has more generous free personal bag size dimensions than Allegiant.

Frontier free personal bag: 8in x 14in x 18in

Frontier 8x18x14 in free personal bag

My 30-liter Eddie Bauer backpack with sufficient clothes, computer and camera for a one to two-week trip has traveled free as my personal bag on several airlines over the past 18 months including WOW, Ryanair, Wizz, easyjet, FlyBe, Level, Norwegian, Frontier and Allegiant flights.

Frontier carryon-1

I kept my backpack under the seat on the Allegiant flight, although there was plenty of space in the overhead bins for my backpack.

Allegiant In Flight

The highlight of the 65 minute Allegiant flight to Las Vegas was seeing Monterey from air.

MRY Highway 1

Highway 1 running through Monterey in photo above. The peninsula in the distance is Point Lobos, my favorite hiking spot.

MRY Peninsula-1 (3)

Walking around the Monterey Peninsula from the Aquarium through Pacific Grove to Asilomar Beach is another walk I enjoy.

Monterey Bay

Marina, California and Salinas River flowing to Monterey Bay. The sand dunes of Marina and much of the Monterey Bay beach area are State Parks. This area was my teenage years stomping ground.

A massive sewage spill of 4.9 million gallons happened over the weekend at the Marina wastewater treatment plant. All beaches on the Monterey Peninsula are closed. What an environmental drag!

California has been cold the past couple of weeks and my shorts have stayed in the closet. Looking forward to some warm beach time in Florida.