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Wyndham Rewards Visa Checkout 3,000 points post after London and Prague stays

Wyndham Rewards took 24 days after checkout from Days Hotel London Waterloo to post 3,000 bonus points for my first Visa Checkout stay in December. My second stay using Visa Checkout at Ramada Prague Airport happened 9 days later and should post as 5,000 bonus points. Next week?

8,000 bonus points after two stays using Visa Checkout.

  • Visa Checkout Stay 1 = 3,000 bonus points.
  • Visa Checkout Stay 2 = 5,000 bonus points
  • Visa Checkout Stay 3 = 7,000 bonus points.

Loyalty Traveler – Wyndham Visa Checkout 3 stays earn 15,000 points Nov 1-Feb 28, 2018

Wyndham Visa Checkout 15K offer

Some of my recent articles on Wyndham Rewards are about European and Australia locations offering high points redemption value.

Minimum 1,000 points per Wyndham brand hotel stay

Wyndham Rewards gives a minimum 1,000 points for hotel stays when the stay totals under $100 in base spend.

Wyndham Rewards Visa Checkout 3K bonus posted

Days Hotel London Waterloo registered as 876 base points at 10 points/$1 for $87.60 base rate on my 71.10 GBP room rate ($95.50) total. 124 additional points were added fto 876 for 1,000 points minimum.

Ramada Prague Airport room rate exchanged to $101.10 for 1,011 base points earned from the hotel stay.

Two Wyndham brand hotel stays earned 2,011 points on $190 in spend + 8,000 bonus points with Visa Checkout bonuses for my first two stays during the Visa Checkout promotion.

2 paid hotel nights earned 10,000 points – buys 3 GoFast discount reward nights.

10,000 Wyndham Rewards points is sufficient for three GoFast reward nights at 3,000 points + cash copay per night. I have my eye on a European Wyndham brand hotel for a stay this spring or summer in a new place for me. 3,000 points drops the nightly room rate from $200 to $65.

3 stays using Visa Checkout earns maximum 15,000 bonus points.

I will complete one more Wyndham Rewards brand stay before the February 28 promotion deadline. The third Visa Checkout stay earns 7,000 bonus points to complete the 15,000 bonus points offer. I have a $53 hotel stay in mind for the third stay.

My total spend for 3 nights at Wyndham brand hotels at $240 earns 18,000 points in Wyndham Rewards.

Those 18,000 points can buy 6 nights at a specific European hotel I have my sights on for 2018. My $240 winter promotion investment in three Visa Checkout stays allows me to book 6 GoFast hotel nights at 53 EUR for a room with a 165 EUR rate.

Wyndham Rewards Visa Checkout 15,000 bonus points is the best earning winter hotel loyalty promotion for my travels.


  • Carl P January 19, 2018

    It had been 9 weeks since stay one and 7 weeks since stay 2, and I had not seen the 3,000 or 5,000. I called customer services, It was about a 20 minute call and then I was told I would get an email on the supervisor’s finding in 7 to 10 days, No email yet, but they did make adjustments for both the next day. I had stay 3, but it’s just been about 5 weeks. I guess they didn’t adjust for that one since presumably because it had not hit the 6 to 8 weeks in the terms. I have a feeling I’ll need to call since the automatic system may not recognize the first two.

    We’ll see.

  • Carl P January 19, 2018

    I just realized the description on mine had the same as yours, so maybe there’s hope I won’t have to call for third,

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