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There are currently 42 Hyatt brand properties in Europe.

Hyatt Hotels announced two new openings this week with Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsy Park and Hyatt Centric La Rosiere, Montvalezan, France at 1,850 meters/6,070 feet in the French alps as the first Hyatt ski resort in Europe.

First ski resort in Europe? What about 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi?

I had to check.

Hyatt Regency Sochi is on the coast of the Black Sea and not in the 2014 Winter Olympics ski area. The main ski area Roza Khutor is 80km/50 miles away from Hyatt.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez Cannes, France closed in October 30, 2017 and reopens March 5, 2018 as Hotel Martinez Cannes, Unbound Collection. This hotel joins Hôtel du Louvre Paris as the second Unbound Collection property in Europe.

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Hyatt Hotels Europe 42 hotels map with award rates

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