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Club Carlson 53 Hotels Reward Map Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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Club Carlson 43 hotels has a medium size distribution of hotels in Germany compared to Marriott (48 hotels), Starwood (39), and Choice Hotels (39). Club Carlson has 4 hotels in Austria and 6 in Switzerland. None of the US hotel chains have very many hotels in Austria or Switzerland.

The major US-based hotel chain players in Germany are Best Western with 156 hotels, Wyndham 98 hotels and IHG 75 hotels. Since Marriott and Starwood points are exchangeable, the combined size of these two hotel chains makes them a major hotel chain for Germany too.

Accor Hotels has over 200 Germany hotels, but operates a spend-based and fixed rebate loyalty program at 2,000 points = 40EUR credit, so hotel bonus points stay opportunities with LeClub Accor are the more important factor than redemption opportunities.

Hilton at 25 hotels and Hyatt at 7 hotels are relatively small players in the Germany lodging segment.

Club Carlson 53 Hotels Reward Map Germany, Austria, Switzerland

These Loyalty Traveler Google maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland hotels I have created over the past week are my first detailed look at hotel loyalty program reward rates across hotel chains for an entire country.

My Club Carlson map has a look I like with the reward category shown in front of the hotel name and pin number. I will edit my other maps to place reward rate in front of hotel name for easier viewing.

Unfortunately, Best Western, Choice and Hilton have variable rates. All Wyndham hotels are 15,000 points per night, but the real value I find in Wyndham Rewards are GoFast rates with a copay. The issue with Wyndham is Tryp and some other hotels require a phone call to find out copay amount on GoFast rates, so my Wyndham Rewards Germany hotel map chart is incomplete for reward rates.

Click icon in upper right corner of Google Map image to open map and see hotel pin details.

Club Carlson Google Maps reward closeup

Club Carlson reward rates

Club Carlson Free Nights reward chart.

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