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Best Western Hotels with 156 properties in Germany has the largest footprint among US-based hotel loyalty programs. While major cities of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Dusseldorf are covered by all the major hotel chains, the availability of Best Western Hotels in cities geographically dispersed across Germany is the competitive advantage for Best Western Rewards members.

My Loyalty Traveler map of Best Western Hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland does not include reward rate information for individual properties. Best Western Rewards rates change seasonally and even by month in some locations, so the seasonal variability of reward rates makes it impractical to include reward rates for Best Western Hotels on my map.

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There are good value points opportunities to be found with Best Western Rewards points in Europe. Some hotels offer higher category rooms for standard reward rates.

Loyalty Traveler – Going to Switzerland? Consider buying Best Western Rewards points

Loyalty Traveler – World’s most expensive country for tourist is Switzerland, so how am I planning under $1000 for 7 nights?

In 2015, I booked a 4-night stay at Best Western Alpen Resort Zermatt in $287 per night room for 8,000 points per night. In a low point in my relationship with Best Western Hotels, I learned four months after booking my 4-night stay that 3 nights of my hotel reservation were unilaterally canceled by the hotel and the reward rate had changed to 36,000 points per night. The hotel email back and forth was a frustrating experience with no explanation why my room reservation was canceled. I ended up traveling to Slovakia for two weeks in Sep 2015 instead of Switzerland.

While Switzerland with Best Western was a bust, my experience over the past year with Best Western has been a good value experience. Last December I had great redemption value in Krakow, Poland when I booked a $170 per night Best Western Premier for 12,000 points per night. I have also stayed at Best Western hotels in Vienna, Gdansk and Lithuania.

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