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Choice Privileges points can be suite

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One of the features of Choice Privileges, Best Western Rewards and Wyndham Rewards are some of their hotels offer higher category rooms for standard reward prices. The secret to unlocking added value from points in these loyalty programs is knowing which hotels tend to offer higher category rooms. I have booked hotel suites with points at different hotels in the USA and different countries in each of these programs.

Malone Lodge Hotel, Ascend Collection

Belfast, Northern Ireland 

Fri Jan 26, 2018  12,000 points

Malone Lodge 12K suite reward

Malone Lodge Belfast 149GBP suite

Malone Lodge in Belfast offers 1 King Bed Executive Suite at 12,000 points or 149 GBP ($199.60 USD), the same amount of points for a reward night as an 89 GBP ($119.24 USD) Double Bed Standard Room.


  • Kate December 10, 2017

    So any hints on how one knows? Or does one just stumble upon them?

  • Ivan December 11, 2017

    Unfortunately Stockholm hotels have stopped offering suites on points…

  • Ric Garrido December 11, 2017

    @Kate – stumble upon them or search for them.

    I am generally reluctant to talk about suite opportunities in Best Western, Choice and Wyndham too often on Loyalty Traveler. The less publicity, the more likely they remain an opportunity for members of these programs.

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