Barcelona BCN Iberia Airlines Oakland OAK

Oakland to Barcelona $169 one-way Jan-March 2018

Level Airlines has $169.10 one way tickets flying Oakland to Barcelona, Spain and one way tickets from Barcelona to Oakland at $173 one way when purchased through the Spanish website.

Travel departure dates: Select Wednesdays and Saturdays January through March 2018. Some dates are priced $190 and $210 one way.

BCN to OAK $173 one way are Wednesdays and some Saturdays with $189 or $213 on other Saturdays.

These ticket prices are only a deal if you travel one way or travel light with free carry-on bag. The cost of a checked bag on Level Airlines brings the fares in line with legacy carriers like American and British Airways for $521 round trip.

Level Airlines Oakland OAK – Barcelona BCN nonstop

$359 round trip  Wed Mar 7 – Sat Mar 17

OAK-BCN $359 IB Mar7-17

Oak-BCN $169 IB Mar7

BCN-OAK $158EUR IB-ow Mar17

June 2016 I flew Level Airlines one way Oakland to Barcelona for $149 with no bag or seat fees.

Loyalty Traveler – Level Airlines $149 one way ticket Oakland to Barcelona trip report.