Gold strike at The Broadmoor Colorado Springs

Two things I wanted to do while in Colorado Springs were visit The Broadmoor Hotel, a 1918 grand resort in the foothills and hike around Garden of the Gods park.


The Broadmoor (wikipedia) is built around Cheyenne Lake at 6,230 feet in elevation.


There is a public parking garage at the convention center down the street from the main resort. Rates are $2 per hour.


The Broadmoor is a member of Historic Hotels of America. Frederick Law Olmstead, landscape architect of New York Central Park, designed the original 3,000 acres around the resort.


The original Broadmoor golf course was the highest course in the USA at the time of its construction in 1918. There are currently three golf courses at The Broadmoor.


The property appeared to be a popular place for day visitors. The lobby was welcoming and no staff hassled me as I walked around taking photos.

Broadmoor-4 Broadmoor-9

Broadmoor-5 Broadmoor-8

Maxfield Parrish paintings caught my eye. The Palace Hotel San Francisco is another hotel with a famous Maxfield Parrish Pied Piper painting in the bar.


A teenager I had seen running across the lake bridge outside into the hotel lobby was seated at a grand piano playing music. He seemed to adore the fact that a grand piano was in the lobby for his personal pleasure. I was impressed he had the chops to play in public before a crowd of strangers.


A small library near the lobby presented a classic and comfortable reading room.


The hotel bar was still empty before noon and the staff were  inviting as I made a quick entrance and exit. No alcohol for me before hiking in Garden of the Gods.


Steam Engine #5 Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railway

Steam Engine #5 was one of seven locomotives from 1890 to 1906 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Phaliadelphia, PA. #5 was built in 1901 and delivered and tested in July of that year, She ran faithfully until 1954.

Steam engines ran exclusively to the 14,115 foot summit of Pike’s Peak until they were gradually replaced by diesel locomotives beginning in the late 1930s. The Manitou and Pike’s Peak Railway has been in continuous operation since 1891 and remains the highest railway in the United States.


Heading back to my car I figured I would get out of The Broadmoor with only a $2 parking garage bill.


After paying with my credit card at the automated kiosk, I reached into the slot to retrieve my receipt and pulled out several $1 coins.


The Broadmoor turned into my Colorado Springs gold strike.

Broadmoor-13 (2)

My first objective of the day complete, I set out for Garden of the Gods.



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  1. It’s been a few years, but I’ve been at the Broadmoor a number of times for multi-day IT conferences. It’s a great place to stay, especially on somebody else’s dime.

    Garden of the Gods is also very cool.

    My nephew moved to Denver a few years ago, so I get that way at least once a year lately (from WV).

  2. Another great place to spend a few hours at in Colorado Spring is the Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. It’s a really cool 789 acre city park.

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