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Aegean Miles+Bonus free 500 miles for app login by Nov 16

Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus is offering 500 miles for members who download the mobile app and login through the app by November 16, 2017. Aegean miles post instantly after initial app login.

Aegean app login 500 bonus

New members can receive 1,500 bonus miles with an additional 1,000 bonus miles for joining with Aegean Miles+Bonus and 500 miles for app login.

Aegean new member 1000 miles


Going for Aegean Gold in 2018

Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus is the frequent flyer program I decided to change to after United Mileage Plus and American AAdvantage went revenue based.

I am currently Aegean Silver elite after earning 12,000 Tier Miles and flying 2 Aegean flight segments between December 2016 and July 2017.  United discount economy booking codes like K and N earn 50% flight miles as Tier Miles in Aegean Miles+Bonus.

Loyalty Traveler Aug 5, 2017 – Aegean Silver elite and 17,000 miles to Star Alliance Gold.

Aegean works on a 12-month calendar for elite qualification giving me until July 2018, one year from the date I earned Silver elite, to earn 24,000 Tier Miles + 4 Aegean flight segments to earn Miles+Bonus Gold elite, which includes Star Alliance Gold elite benefits.

Aegean Miles+Bonus Gold elite can also be earned with 48,000 Tier Miles and no Aegean flights in a 12-month period following Silver elite qualification.

I completed the 4 Aegean flight segments for Gold elite qualification in October. I need an additional 14,000 Tier Miles by next July . My last three ticket purchases for travel to Europe have been British Airways discount tickets.

SAS Airlines economy tickets earn 1:1 flight miles as Aegean Tier Miles. My plan is to book a $480 SAS ticket from Stockholm to San Francisco sometime this winter or spring and earn 12,000+ Tier Miles. A cheap United Airlines domestic flight or some SAS or Aegean intra-Europe flights will earn the remaining Tier Miles for Aegean Gold.

As long as British Airways is putting California to Europe on sale for under $400 round trip, I am happy to wait on earning Aegean Gold elite. I still have 8 months to pick up 14,000 Tier Miles.

In the meantime, an extra 500 Aegean miles for award tickets is a free bonus that posted instantly after I logged into the Aegean app.

Aegean 500 miles my account