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In my post today on intra-Europe United Awards at 8,000 miles for nonstop flights at 800 or less miles, I asked if anyone knew a source for a list of nonstop flights from airports. A quick answer from the UK pointed to links for any airport for any month with nonstop flights organized by flight distance and a key to airlines

Since my last article was about Copenhagen travel to Croatia and Slovenia in June 2018, here is the list of CPH nonstop flights for June 2018.

Kayak CPH nonstop-1

Kayak CPH-2

Kayak CPH-3

All but a handful of these Copenhagen nonstop flights are SAS or another Star Alliance airline. A few routes are only Norwegian, Ryanair, EasyJet and other small carriers.

Simply change the airport and month for season of travel. Month is especially important for seasonal routes operating only in summer months around Europe and other places.

Compare ticket prices and United award prices for flights at 8,000 miles for routes 800 miles or less to find best value.

This is a useful tool for figuring out routes with potential 8,000 mile awards through United Mileage Plus.

For example, there have been some very low fares between Inverness, Scotland INV and the USA in the past year.

SkyTeam $504 Oakland to Inverness Scotland, INV-SFO $333 (Aug 13, 2017).

Airline taxes are greatly reduced from Inverness compared to London. But in my past searches, the cost of getting to Inverness seemed too high or too long with ground transportation to travel over 3 hours from a place like Edinburgh EDI to make the low ticket price from INV to San Francisco worthwhile.

But Aberdeen is only a 2-hour train ride to Inverness and hotels are far less costly in Aberdeen than Edinburgh. This revelation puts Inverness in play again if another great airline deal appears.

SAS Copenhagen CPH – Aberdeen ABZ

$234 one way Fri June 22

CPH-ABZ $234 SK Jun22

SAS CPH-ABZ Fri June 22

United award 8,000 miles + $28 (576 miles)


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  • james November 7, 2017

    Have used for a few years now. It’s great to see which airlines service which airports in a given month, including Southwest! I also really like the 1-click reverse itinerary feature that shows times of return flights.

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