Enjoy the Colors – Plovdiv Street Art

Street art is part of the Plovdiv scene and scenery. From Old Town tile mosaics to Kapana murals, artistic creativity awaits the art tourism traveler on the streets of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Keep your eyes open and enjoy the colors.


Old Town Plovdiv tile mosaics and art pieces.

Old TOwn mosaic-3 Old Town Mosaic-1 Old Town art-3

Old Town Mosaic-2 Old Town mosaic-4 Old Town Anastas gallery

Walking from Old Town to Ramada Trimontium, I walked streets adjacent to the main pedestrian streets at times. One street adjacent to the hill east of the main pedestrian street has several colorful murals along an extensive building face.

Plovdiv wall-1 Plovdiv wall-3

Plovdiv wall-2 Plovdiv wall-4


Kapana means ‘the trap’ in Bulgarian. Kapana is a district of central Plovdiv off the main pedestrian street to the west. This area developed as a trade and crafts district centuries ago. As part of Plovdiv Capital of Culture 2019, Kapana has been revitalized from a run-down urban center to a creative arts district for the city through a 3-year effort between the city government and Plovdiv 2019 Foundation. The city plan is to make all of Kapana pedestrian only, a goal that already encompasses 80% of Kapana streets.

VisitPlovdiv.com – Kapana (The Trap)

There are dozens of street art murals on buildings around Kapana. The district is also known for KapanaFest, 24 hours of music and arts. The most recent edition of Kapana Fest happened October 1, 2017.

Kapana Fest Kapana-1

Kapana is a pulse, an emotion, a provocation and a puzzle. Kapana is discreet, and yet significant, human and magnetic. It is the heart of the urban living organism and Plovdiv deserves exactly this kind of spirit and definitely this kind of future- of a creative district- an attractive place for artists, curators, cultural managers, artisans, architects, software specialists, urbanists, writers and musicians from the whole country and of a recognizable international center.


Kapana-2 Kapana-3

Kapana-5 Kapana-4

Free Plovdiv Tour offers a guided walk for Kapana.

Kapana tour

A guide leads you around the district explaining the history of the area and some of the buildings and Kapana’s recent creative renewal.

Kapana frog 2Kapana frog

I was so busy looking at murals, I did not even notice I walked in front of a camera crew on the street filming a dance routine.

Kapana film-1  Kapana film-2

Kapana has many types of street art. Some of the pubs I visited and enjoyed were in Kapana, although I did not even learn about the district as an arts center until my third day in the city when I joined the Kapana Tour two hours before I left Plovdiv for Sofia on the Sunday afternoon train.

Kapana Chain rockers  Kapana mural-6

Kapana lennon

Kapana mural-7  Kapana-8

Dance as though no one is watching

Love as though you’ve never been hurt

Sing as though no one can hear you

Live as though heaven is on earth

Kapana streets Kapana words

I made my train with 20 minutes to spare. I had to skip out on the end of the walking tour. If I had stayed for the end of the Kapana Tour, I likely would have been in ‘The Trap’ for 8 hours until the next train departure to Sofia. Not that being trapped in Kapana for an entire day would necessarily be a bad thing.

Kapana colors

Enjoy the Colors.

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