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Days Inn Nice Centre, France conveniently cheap

a balcony with chairs and tables

Days Inn Nice Centre provided a good location for an afternoon exploring Nice, France on what was simply an overnight stay for me as a solo traveler before flying to Greece.

Days Inn is not a hotel brand I frequently stay at. All my Days Inn stays have been connected with a good hotel loyalty program deal with Wyndham Rewards. And that was the case with Days Inn Nice Centre.

Wyndham Rewards launched a partnership with Masterpass credit card payments for 7,500 bonus points per stay, up to two stays by Oct 31, 2017.

Wyndham Rewards 15,000 points for two Masterpass paid stays by Oct 31, 2017 (Aug 10, 2017).

I needed a hotel night in Nice and Days Inn Nice Centre was €67.50 on a AAA rate, breakfast included. For $80 USD I was able to meet my need for a hotel before my morning flight from Nice to Athens, while earning 8,500 Wyndham Rewards points. 1,000 points is minimum per Wyndham brand hotel stay + 7,500 points Masterpass promotion bonus.

Days Inn Nice-1 ext

While I do not stay in many Days Inn hotels, I have stayed at Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre and Ramada Vilnius, Lithuania in 2017, both high quality hotels, where 3,000 Wyndham Rewards points and $70 per night saved $100+ on the nightly room rate.

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre hotel review (July 18, 2017)

Ramada Vilnius Lithuania Hotel Review – notably luxurious for brand (April 14, 2017).

Days Inn Nice Centre

The hotel is 550 meters from Gare de Nice Ville, the train station I had arrived at from Gare de Monaco. I walked to the hotel with my roller bag and backpack.

Days Inn lobby

Days Inn lobby-2

The receptionist mentioned the Wyndham Rewards program to me at check-in. There were a couple of Wyndham Rewards signs in the lobby. I told her Wyndham Rewards was why I was there at Days Inn Nice.

There was an issue at check-in with the reservation desk unable to locate the room type code shown on their computer for my reservation in their on-site hotel code guide.

This is something I have run into a few times in Europe with different hotel loyalty programs. I told them I booked the cheapest single room available. I was given an upgrade to a room with a double bed and balcony.

Days Inn elevator

My room was only one flight of stairs up, so I never used the cool looking elevator, even though I walked up to the sixth floor to take advantage of the rooftop patio.

Days Inn 6th patio

Days Inn patio-2

Days Inn patio 3

The balcony in my room #15 was standing room only. There appear to be 5th floor rooms (#503, #504) with larger patio balconies and seating.

Days Inn 5th floor room patio

Room 15

Days Inn Nice Room 15

The hotel appeared to be created from two different adjacent properties, since I walked up the stairs next to the elevator, then turned left and passed another stairway before reaching Room 15.

The breakfast room was on the same 1st floor level as my room, near the elevator.

Days Inn Room 15a

Room 15 had basic furnishings with sufficient floor space that there could have been an additional chair or two. The room offered high ceilings and a balcony access door. The door on the right is the sink and shower room.

Days Inn room 15b

One funky aspect of the room is the toilet is in a separate closet room near the front door with no sink.

Days Inn room 15c

The room had convenient outlets and a USB port next to the bed. I like USB power convenience for charging my iPhone without a European adapter.

Days Inn USB

The bathroom area is the design highlight of the room.

Days Inn room 15d

Even the bathroom balcony doors open. Apparently I did not photograph the full door frosted window from inside the room.

Days Inn room 15e

There is a strip of non-frosted glass about 8 inches wide or so at the top of the bathroom window. So French Riviera exposure.

Days Inn ext-2

The lowest floor wide balcony in the photo are the two doors in Room 15.

Complimentary Breakfast

Morning breakfast was continental, no hot dishes. I went to breakfast at 7:30am and the place looked like it had been slammed with a large bus tour group having come and already left the dining room. There was seating for 30 to 40, but nearly every table was dirty, plates and coffee cups all around and few pieces of clean cutlery.

Days Inn Breakfast room

I had seen similar occurrences of a totally packed breakfast room on this same trip at Clarion Prague City and Marriott Riviera Cap d’Ail, where they had several staff members working on the mess. I found it a better option when possible to go to breakfast after 9am for quiet, less crowded and cleaner breakfast rooms. Days Inn Nice had only one staff member working the breakfast room, the same woman who had checked me in the afternoon before.

I settled for yogurt, a croissant and a couple cups of coffee. There were only about 7 people in the room when I ate breakfast.

Couple of other observations

I did not expect much from Days Inn. After two days at Marriott Riviera La Porte de Monaco, a seafront hotel with a business hotel and American tourist vibe, the ambience of Days Inn Nice Centre and Best Western Nice So’Co Hotel I stayed at three nights before were properties that made me feel like I was staying in a characteristically French hotel and not just in any chain brand USA hotel.

Days Inn door

Days Inn stairway

These buildings are connected to the same type of surrounding residential buildings where locals live.  

Days Inn residential street

Days Inn rooftop view

I’ll take the suite please!

Days Inn Nice Centre can be a great deal with Wyndham Rewards points. Days Inn Nice Centre has GoFast reward nights for 3,000 points + 62.00 EUR.

One of the features of Wyndham Rewards nights with GoFree (15,000 points) and GoFast rates (3,000 points + variable cash copay) is many hotels offer higher room category types for the same amount of points.

October 31, 2017 shows  Days Inn Nice Centre suite or Double Bed Deluxe available for 3,000 points + 62.00 EUR.

Days Inn Nice suite GoFast rates

The room rate for the suite is 155 EUR and Double Deluxe with private terrace 175 EUR.

a screenshot of a web page

3,000 Wyndham Rewards points are a fantastic room rate reduction for these best of hotel rooms with the potential to save 113 EUR per night.

My $80 room rate earned 8,500 Wyndham Rewards points.

That is why I chose Days Inn Nice Centre for a one night stay. There are some great hotel values to be found with Wyndham Rewards points if you look closely at what is available with hotels in the program.

a screenshot of a map
Days Inn Nice walk route from Gare de Nice Ville

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