Cap d’Ail French Riviera walking tour Day 5

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  1. […] Cap d’Ail French Riviera walking tour Day 5 describes my arrival to the Marriott hotel. Adventures like the one in that post are the kinds of things I will do when traveling carefree on my own. What turned out to be a positive photo opportunity for me personally would have been a marital fight if I had put my wife through the same experience. I keep our travel itinerary much better organized and structured when she is involved. C’est la vie. […]


  1. Missed how you got from Warsaw to Nice. (Am always curious about the cheapo EU country airlines)

    Enjoy the sunshine! Be sure to get out of the cities and hike a bit in the surrounding areas, if possible!

  2. LOT Polish $100.49 Prague – Warsaw – Nice with 22.5 layover in Warsaw.

    Via Alpina 3 hour hike from Monaco to Pellion is advertised on sign boards around the city. All day hike there and back on Red Trail. Sounds great, but I was sick the week before I came on this trip and I still have coughing fits each day. No mountain hiking for me on this trip.

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