Barcelona BCN Iberia Airlines Norwegian Air Oakland OAK

Oakland to Barcelona $363-$396 Iberia-Level-Norwegian

Level and Norwegian have comparable fares at $358 to $396 round trip for tickets from Oakland to Barcelona nonstop. It is possible to mix and match one way tickets flying both airlines. Level flights are nonstop on Iberia operated aircraft and Norwegian flights are nonstop on B787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Travel departure dates: October 2017 – March 2018

Level ticket deal is as low as $186 for Oakland to Barcelona and $172 for Barcelona to Oakland, when purchased as separate one-way tickets rather than a round trip ticket.

Norwegian ticket deal is $219 one way Oakland to Barcelona and $177 one way Barcelona to Oakland.

Oakland – Barcelona $186 Level Wed Feb 21

Barcelona – Oakland $177 Norwegian Sun Mar 4

OAK-BCN $363 IB-DY Feb21-Mar4

These low cost carrier fares are decent deals, if you are capable of flying with only carry-on baggage and take your chances on airline assigned free seats. Paid checked bag fees and paid seat assignments reduces the marginal value between this low fare deal on Level compared to a major airline with free seats and bags.

Level Airlines (Iberia operated)

Oakland – Barcelona nonstop

$205.10 one way Wed Feb 14, 2018

$44.00 one checked bag fee.

OAK-BCN $205 Level Air bag fee $44

Loyalty Traveler – Level Airlines $149 one way ticket Oakland to Barcelona trip report (June 16, 2017).

I flew Level Airlines Oakland to Barcelona one way in June 2017 on a $150 ticket and had a satisfactory experience. The unsatisfactory part of the trip was being charged $85 online for one checked bag on my wife’s ticket. The airline website bag fee table stated the fee was $44 at the time, but I had to pay $85.

Seat Fees

Kelley and were assigned two middle seats in the 2-4-2 middle 4-seat section at the back of the plane for our June flight. We ended up being the only two passengers  in the section and had 4 seats to ourselves without paying any seat fees.

Open seats are even more likely in a midwinter flight.

Looks like the $44 fee is now correctly integrated into the website for purchases at time of booking.

I did not pay for seat fees for any of my low cost carrier flights in winter 2017. Out of five flights between California and Europe with WOW, Norwegian and Level, I only ended up flying long-haul in a middle seat for one Norwegian flight. I saved about $200 by not paying for any self-selected seat assignments on my flights.