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A $367 British Airways ticket has me traveling to Prague, Czech Republic again for my third trip in the past year. I created a Google Map with 26 chain hotels and reward rates. These hotels represent all the major chains with reward nights for loyalty points, except Hyatt.

Accor Hotels are not listed either, since Accor points only provide a rate credit on the published rate.

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I will have a couple days at the beginning and end of my trip to explore Prague and my objective is to visit several of the 20 chain hotels I have not yet been inside.

Prague has three airport hotels with a Courtyard, Holiday Inn and Ramada. I visited the Courtyard once for a couple hours while waiting for a bus to Brno.

Most of the chain hotels are located in the city center of Staré Město/Old Town, Mala Strana/Prague Castle area, Nové Město and Vinohrady.

Some outlier hotels are Clarion Congress Hotel (Praha 9) and Holiday Inn Congress Centre (Praha 4). Despite their similar names, these hotels are miles apart in different districts of Prague.

Last January I circumnavigated the central city of Prague on a 10-mile walk. I covered much of the same ground in July during the week I stayed with my wife, while adding more street and park walks around Holešovice and Vinohrady quarters.

Courtyard Prague City and Best Western Amedia are two hotels outside the main city center.

Most chain hotels are within areas of Prague I have walked around before, yet I have only seen a few of the hotels from outside like Hilton Prague (Pin 2) and InterContinental Prague (Pin 3).

InterContinental Prague

InterContinental Prague

Prague maps are confusing with street signs showing city quarter names like Mala Strana and Vinohrady combined with Prague Municipal District number from 1 to 22 to describe parts of the city. Old Town and Mala Strana are Prague 1, Vinohrady is Prague 3, Letna Park and Holešovice are in Prague 7.

BW Kinsky Smichov (2)

Drtinova street in Smichov quarter of Praha Municipal District 5 is near Best Western Kinsky Garden Hotel.

I stayed at Park Inn Prague (Map Pin 7) and Clarion Prague City (Map Pin 14) this year. I visited Best Western Kinsky Garden (Map Pin 21). I like all three of these locations at the outer boundaries of the central tourism area. Local pubs are cheaper than in Old Town. Any hotel within this region is city center.

Courtyard Prague City (Pin 10), Holiday Inn Congress Centre (Pin 4) and Clarion Congress (Pin 15) are three hotels outside this zone, but still within easy transportation of city center. Best Western Amedia (Pin 20) is an outlier and three airport hotels (Pins 5, 11, 23) are remote locations from the city.

Prague is a city where loyalty points come in handy, especially during summer season when hotel rates are high. In winter there can be some vary low published rates for some of these hotels. Park Inn Prague gave me very good returns on paid rates of $60 to $100 during high value Club Carlson promotions. Clarion Hotels at 8,000 and 10,000 points have offered great discounts on the $100+ paid rates. 

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  1. I think Award Mapper is good for a first glance, but I’m finding it more and more out of date. Often new hotels don’t show up on the mapper. Having said that, it is a starting point.

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