WOW Air (defunct)

WOW $69 one way SFO/LAX to ARN, BRU, CPH, DUB, EDI, SXF

WOW Airlines has a $69 one way fare sale happening now at all their USA airports. San Francisco and Los Angeles have some of the best $69 deals to Europe with this nationwide sale.

San Francisco to Berlin SXF, Brussels BRU, Copenhagen CPH, Dublin DUB, Edinburgh EDI, Stockholm ARN are destinations with $69 one way fares for dates September to December 2017.

SFO to London and Paris are also $69 one way, but only if you buy a round trip ticket. London and Paris are $240 for a one way only ticket.

Los Angeles LAX also offers the same $69 fares to ARN, BRU, CPH, DUB, EDI, and SXF.

Bag Fees

One of the changes I see in WOW Air ticket prices now compared to January and April 2017 when I flew SFO to Copenhagen twice on $69 one way tickets is the bag fees for carry-on bags have dropped from $51 to $40 and checked bag fee dropped from 71 to $60.

WOW Air SFO to Copenhagen $69 my best low fare deal to Europe ever (Jan 25, 2017).

Also, WOW Air has sort of standardized their package ticket to align with the $90 price Norwegian charges for Low Fare+.

San Francisco – Keflavik KEF – Dublin DUB Tue Oct 24

  • WOW Basic $69.00 one way
  • WOW Plus $160.96 one way

SFO-DUB $69ow WOWOct24

WOW Basic includes:

  • Flight ticket
  • Personal item

WOW PLUS includes:

  • Personal item
  • Carry-on bag
  • Checked bag
  • Standard seat

WOW Airlines

San Francisco SFO – Keflavik KEF – Berlin SXF

Sat November 11

$128.97 with paid carry on bag and prepaid self-selected seats.

SFO-SXF $129 WOW bag seats

The value of one way tickets for a traveler like me is the opportunity to find lower priced round trip tickets from Europe to California. This has been my standard ticketing practice for the past three years due to the difference in ticket prices from Europe to California.

This works for frequent travel to Europe. Norwegian out of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo are also cheap one way tickets back to California.