Inverness INV KLM Airlines Oakland OAK San Francisco SFO Skyteam Alliance

SkyTeam $504 Oakland to Inverness Scotland, INV-SFO $333

Even more impressive than SkyTeam $504 Oakland to Inverness, Scotland INV round trip ticket prices today were prices $50 lower two days ago.

This post is not a lament over a low fare to Europe that is priced higher today. Rather, this is a reminder that some of the lowest fares to Europe frequently go through Aberdeen ABZ and Inverness INV airports in Scotland.

Flying the reverse route from Inverness to San Francisco at $333 round trip is still around today for travel in September and October.

Skyteam Alliance OTA ticket

Inverness INV – Amsterdam AMS – Portland PDX – San Francisco SFO – Portland PDX – Amsterdam AMS – Inverness INV

$333.06 USD (256 GBP) round trip  Tue Oct 10 – Wed Oct 18

INV-SFO $332 SKY-1 Oct10-18

INV-SFO $333 SKY-2 Oct10-18 online travel agency

INV-SFO $333-ota Oct10-18

There are many itineraries with overnight transit layovers in Amsterdam, Seattle and Portland. I found one itinerary with nearly 24 hours in Amsterdam inbound and outbound and nearly 24 hours in Seattle.

You can find overnight layover tickets by searching, then sort by quickest time and go to the last pages to see longest flight times. These are usually itineraries with overnight layovers.

Carlton Leisure online travel agency SkyTeam $419 round trip

Tue Oct 10 10:50am Inverness INV – Amsterdam AMS (20hr 20m layover)

Wed Oct 11 Amsterdam AMS – Seattle SEA (22hr 15m layover)

Thu Oct 12 Seattle SEA – San Francisco SFO arrive 12:00 noon

Tue Oct 17 San Francisco SFO – Los Angeles LAX – Amsterdam AMS (arrive 12:10pm Wed Oct 18 for 21hr 30m layover).

Wed Oct 18 Amsterdam AMS – Inverness INV

INV-SFO $419 Oct10-17

INV-SFO $419 Oct10-17-2