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LAX-ORD $45 one way, ORD-BOS $45 more low United fares across USA

United Airlines has posted low one way fares in the $40s on many US domestic routes. Examples of these deals are LAX to Chicago at $45 one way and Chicago to Boston for $45 one way. This allows a round trip across country for $180.

San Diego to Denver is $42 or San Diego to Chicago or Houston is $50 one way.

Low fares are primarily weekdays beginning in September through December with some routes continuing low fares into 2018.

Frontier, Southwest and Spirit Airlines have their own low fare sales. There are a large number of low fare routes around the country. For United Airlines flyers this means there are many of these same routes price matched on United.

United Airlines

Chicago – Las Vegas – Chicago

$93.40 round trip Tue Sep 19 – Fri Sep 22

ORD-LAS $93 UA Sep19-22

What’s up with Google Flights?

Now there are not even deep links to United Airlines. Are they in some kind of argument with airlines?

The lack of Google Flights deep links and limited search options for two segment Aegean Airlines tickets lately has driven me to ITA Airfare Search Matrix and for more useful searches.

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  • Christopher August 11, 2017

    I’ve booked a bunch of flights to Chicago and Dallas from SFO and avoided United. Luckily. Especially basic which is basically flying spirit.

    Not much more expensive neither. Just don’t look at fare anymore ppl

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