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Loyalty Traveler Lost and Found in Amsterdam

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Tell me if you have heard this one before? A guy walks into a hotel in Copenhagen and logs onto free wifi to work on his blog. The next morning when the guy turns off his computer to leave the Copenhagen hotel for Amsterdam, his computer decides to install updates. Then, the guy flies to Amsterdam, turns on his computer again and discovers his computer wants a previous password he has not used since initial set-up.

48 hours later. I have not been able to access my computer for the past two days. I typed in my 4 digit PIN I use every day and I have used for past six months since owning this computer.

Message came back stating I need to use my previous password to sign in. Since I have only used a PIN since the day I set up the computer, I had no idea what password for this PC I was being asked to provide.

Then, after 48 hours, I happened to be scrolling through my iPhone notes for a password to another online account when I found a note from last January with a password to this computer I have not used since I set the PC up after purchase.

Loyalty Traveler was lost in Amsterdam for two days, but now I have found my online voice again. I really thought I might be off  blogging for three weeks while traveling around Europe.

No real panic.

Hell, I am in Amsterdam and there is plenty of stuff to keep me occupied besides sitting in front of my computer.

Ams canal

Amsterdam Basics

Trams and Metro make navigating around Amsterdam a relatively painless effort. Main key to cheaper travel here is buy a multi-day tram pass for 1 to 7 days. A single ride ticket valid for 60 minutes cost 2.90 EUR. A one day pass is 7.50 EUR and a multi-day pass for 3 days is 17.50 EUR. Buy 4 days at 22 EUR to drop the price to 5.50 EUR per day. Longer period tickets lower the daily rate to 4.50-5.00 EUR per day.

A hotel about 15 minutes out of the city center can be less than 50% the price of a canal district hotel.

Ramada goats

Goats grazing in Rembrandtpark near Ramada Apollo Amsterdam.

My room at Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre near Rembrandtpark is 3,000 points + 65 EUR per night after tax. We have a large Corner Executive Room about as large as the Hyatt Andaz suite we stayed in last year for 12,500 points + $150 + Diamond suite upgrade.

Loyalty Traveler – Andaz Amsterdam Suite Upgrade on Hyatt Points + Cash rate

Tram 13 stop is a couple minutes walk outside the Ramada Apollo hotel.

AMS 13 tram

Adm. Helfrichstraat stop near Ramada Apollo for #13 tram Amsterdam runs from 6am to 12:09am with frequency from every 7 minutes during mid-day to every 12 minutes in off-peak hours. Night bus runs every 30 minutes after midnight.

Tram #13 takes about 15 minutes to reach Dam Square.

Dam Square

Dam Square, Amsterdam is one of the city’s central focal points. 

Best of all about being in a residential area of Amsterdam is access to three different supermarkets and a dozen dining places for Turkish shoarma lamb and chicken dishes at 5 EUR or less.

And this week Albert Heijn supermarket has several beer brands at 20% discount. After taste-tasting Dutch brands, Heineken surprised me to actually win my taste-test battle for best brew.

Standard size 30cl bottles (10.14 oz) of Heineken are normally 0.65 EUR. My beer price with my Albert Heijn Bonus Kaart has been 0.52 EUR per bottle or 60 cents USD.

Heineken green choice

Heineken, the green choice.

If I would man up and carry a full case of Heineken back to the hotel, the price drops to 8.99 EUR for 24 beers or 43 cents per bottle.

Efficient Living

The main impression that has been with me for the past three days in Amsterdam is this city is so efficiently livable, perhaps more so than any other city I have visited.

Amsterdam quiet

The longest I have stayed in Amsterdam at one time is 16 days. I think I could easily stay here 16 months, perhaps 16 years.

No Paradise


July 2017

San Francisco SFO – Copenhagen, Denmark – Stockholm, Sweden – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Prague, Czechia – Bratislava, Slovakia – London, England – San Francisco SFO (22 days-20 hotel nights-6 flights-6 bus trips.

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  • Jim July 16, 2017

    Man up and get the case.
    I would…if I was 25 years younger!

  • James July 16, 2017

    Wow! Someone praised heineken…. amazing…

  • DT July 16, 2017

    Hehe, and I happen to be in Asheville NC (real beer place) while reading your Heineken comments.

    Please focus on travel and let beer reviews to beer lovers.

    Have fun in AMS as it is indeed a beautiful city/country.

  • Peter July 16, 2017

    was it an Apple product?

  • Jeanette July 16, 2017

    Very timely post as I am leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow. Flying out of ORD on United Polaris. Can’t wait I have never flown business class. I will do the grocery store! I failed to secure us tickets to Anne Frank home. Do u have any advice on how we can get in? We are only there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Again, TY for the post.

  • scott July 16, 2017

    Heineken tastes way better in Europe then the United States. I don’t like it in Vegas but enjoyed it in Amsterdam.

  • Ric Garrido July 17, 2017

    @DT – Beer review sites are a waste of time if you want to know about European lagers. ‘Real beer’ drinkers rate virtually all lagers as crap beer. Beer review sites are pretty useless in evaluating European lagers I have tasted in Lithuania, Latvia, Czechia, Poland and Bulgaria in past 6 months.

    Heineken won out in our taste test over Hertog Jan and Amstel. Grolsch is good too. Surprised me since I won’t buy Heineken at our local California Costco unless desperate for beer.

    I did Asheville NC microbreweries June 2015.

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