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Radisson Blu Krakow Poland $102 rate earned 14,858 points

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For some reason Radisson Blu Krakow is really inexpensive on Sunday nights this month. And Sunday or Monday night stays in June still earn 3x points + 5,000 bonus points at Club Carlson hotels this weekend.

Rad Blu Krakow sunset

Radisson Blu Krakow view of Wawel Castle at sunset.

I booked a member only rate 380 PLN prepaid rate, which converted to $102.35 USD for points earning purposes.

Loyalty Traveler – Club Carlson triple points + Sun/Mon 5K bonus April 3-June 30, 2017 (April 5, 2017).

Rad Blu Krakow points earned

14,858 total points earned on my $102 hotel night.

  • Room Points 2,047
  • Promotion Points – Triple Points Time Bonus 4,094
  • Promotion Points – Triple Points Time Bonus 5,000
  • Promotion Points – Mobile App Booking 3,000 Point Bonus 3,000
  • Room Points – Gold 35% Bonus 717

I had forgotten about the mobile app booking bonus. This is a one time only points earning opportunity available through December 31, 2017 for your first 2017 mobile app booking.

Loyalty Traveler –  Club Carlson 3,000 points Mobile App booking April 3-Dec 31, 2017

Rad Blu Krakow-1

The Radisson Blu bed was dreamy after a rough bed night at Hampton Inn Krakow. Hampton Inn Krakow review to come after two separate stays at the hotel, the first having several issues. The second stay at Hampton Inn went better on all fronts, except the bed comfort. But that is another hotel story.

Rad Blu KRK 10

I learned a little LOT Polish airline history in that Radisson Blu bed when I woke up and watched a late night/early morning movie in Polish. It was heavy on the dialogue, which I could not understand at all. The film seemed like a current era film depicting Poland in the 1970s and appeared to be a comedy for most of the film, until it went dark and the young guy hijacked a LOT Polish airliner at gunpoint and forced the pilot to fly to Berlin Templehof.  No idea what the film was called, but I did learn from a little research that LOT Polish had a reputation for repeated hijackings to West Berlin in the 1970s.

Rad Blu KRK 2

Rad Blu KRK 3

Rad Blu KRK 4

Rad Blu KRK 5

Rad Blu KRK 8

I found it ironic of the dozen or so beer photos I snapped of the 30 or so pub pints I drank in Poland over the course of the week, that the only photo I could find for a Tyskie beer, the ‘Budweiser’ brand of Poland with highest volume sales, was a single bottle from the Radisson Blu refrigerator.

Rad Blu KRK 6

That Tyskie I did not drink.

Rad Blu KRK 7

There was a box of chocolates in the room as a welcome amenity and two more chocolates at night with the room turndown service when we returned from the pubs.

Rad Blu KRK 9

Radisson Blu Lobby

I checked out the hotel bar beer prices at 16 PLN per pint. Just could not sit down and have a pint at the hotel when there are so many great beer gardens in Krakow with 8 PLN pints of Tyskie.

Google Maps Rad Blu Krakow

Google Maps Radisson Blu Krakow

All in all, this hotel has a great Krakow tourism location across the street from Planty Park and five minutes walk to Old Town and ten minutes walk to Wawel Castle or Vistula River. The train station is about one mile away 25 minutes walk, $1 tram ride or a $3 to $5 taxi ride.

Rad Blu view

Radisson Blu Krakow is a Club Carlson category 5 hotel at 44,000 points per night.


  • Bill from Maine June 24, 2017

    Ric, I’m at the Sheraton Krakow 2 weeks from now but originally booked the Radisson. I cancelled because I read that the AC at the Sheraton was highly superior, much like North American properties, compared to the Blu property. I like a room as cool as I can get it(Northern Maine resident). I value sleep comfort more than most any other amenity since I don’t use a room during the day-I sightsee. What was your experience with the AC at the Radisson?

  • Ric Garrido June 25, 2017

    @Bill from Maine – Shout out for Maine. My wife and I were elementary school teachers in Penobscot and Hancock Counties 1994-96.

    I can tell you with certainty AC worked well and kept the room cool for our stay at Radisson Blu Krakow. Our room location had loads of afternoon sun.

    The night before at Hampton Inn Krakow we had no room AC control and my wife was so angry by morning after sleeping in a 73 degree room that night. That was one of the issues we had at that hotel on our first stay, which I referenced in this post.

    I had booked a second stay for us go back to Hampton Inn Krakow after our Radisson Blu Krakow stay. I promised Kelley we would not stay at Hampton Inn through the night if the room AC did not work again in our room.

    The first room at Hampton Inn Krakow on our second stay had no working AC, but the hotel desk receptionist immediately moved us to a different room, where AC was fully functional for the three days of our second stay.

    Radisson Blu Krakow had working AC with a comfortable bed and pillows. Those are my primary needs for a good night’s sleep.

    I have not stayed at Sheraton Krakow, but I know they have a good view rooftop bar.

  • Bill from Maine June 28, 2017

    I travel Washington, Penobscot and Hancock counties every week from Aroostook County (“The County”). I like a room cool enough to hang meat in and have been very disappointed with what is defined as AC in European hotels. I don’t know how true it is but one time I was told by a receptionist at a hotel that hotel AC and how cool a room can be is set by the EU as a step to control global warming. I can see why your wife would be miserable at 73 degrees. I don’t even set the thermostat at that temperature during the winter.

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