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Helicopter Package to Post Ranch Inn Big Sur

A helicopter flying in a southerly direction to Big Sur passed overhead yesterday as I walked through the park Point Lobos State Reserve on the central coast of California. About 90 minutes later the helicopter passed overhead again on its way back to Monterey Airport. These helicopters may have been one of the daily flights  from Monterey to Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur taking guests to and from the resort.

Post Ranch Inn, a boutique resort property perched on the remote coastal cliffs of Big Sur on the central California coast, was ranked #3 in Conde Nast’s 2016 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Travel Awards as a travel experience. Eden Rock St. Barth’s and the Maldives ranked #1 and 2.

No Open Roads to Post Ranch Inn after Winter Storms Damage

California’s winter rains destabilized the foundation of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge resulting in bridge buckling in February 2017. The irreparable damage necessitates new bridge construction with an estimated opening date in late September 2017. The bridge is one mile south of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Post Ranch Inn is located just to the south of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, meaning there is no road access via Highway 1 from Monterey about 30 miles north of the resort.

Then a major landslide on Highway 1 in southern Monterey County came down across the roadside on May 20, 2017. The coast highway is buried under 40 feet of debris for about 1/3 mile of road. California Department of Transportation – Caltrans, estimates rebuilding Highway 1 at the site of the landslide will require at least one year.

These two road closures block Highway 1 drive-through access from Monterey in the north and Morro Bay in the south for the 135-miles Big Sur coast drive from Monterey to San Luis Obispo. This Big Sur road trip is one of the top tourist attractions in California.

Escape through the Skies Package

Post Ranch Inn is Open for Guests Who Helicopter to Big Sur

Post Ranch Inn has an ‘Escape through the Skies’ package for June arrivals with helicopter transportation from Monterey to the resort property, and the package includes daily meals for two.

Post Ranch Inn Fly Package

Post Ranch Inn was already an exclusive resort economically with hotel rates for its 39 rooms starting around $1,000 per night. The property is now a true hideaway far from the madding crowd for guests who desire an isolated retreat vacation.

Escape through the Skies package rates start at $4,291 for 2 nights and up to $7,109 for a Cliff House. Stay 4 nights and get a $700 discount compared to doubling the 2-night rate.

Post Ranch Inn is a special place. I spent a couple hours there one afternoon several years ago and toured a couple of room types.

Once the bridge reopens to Big Sur this fall, I’ll try and get down there again to update my photos and have a beer on cliff’s edge perched over the Pacific Ocean. A beer at the Post Ranch Inn bar falls within my Loyalty Traveler budget range, even if the hotel rooms themselves do not.

Highway 1 south of Big Sur, California