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Best Western grows to 135 hotels in Sweden

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Best Western, after acquiring 59 Sweden Hotels in a deal closed last week, becomes Sweden’s largest hotel chain brand with 135 properties.  There is generally a lag time between hotel acquisition and integration into the hotel loyalty program. These properties may take several weeks or even months before they are integrated into Best Western Rewards for earning and redeeming points.

Sweden Hotels Map

Sweden Hotels locations

  1. Alvesta Sweden Hotel RÃ¥dmannen
  2. Borås Hotell Sköna Nätter, Sweden Hotels
  3. Eskilstuna Vilsta Sporthotell, Sweden Hotels
  4. Eslöv Hotel Stensson Sweden Hotels
  5. Falköping Hotell Falköping, Sweden Hotels
  6. Göteborg Arena Hotel, Sweden Hotels
  7. Göteborg Center Hotel, Sweden Hotels
  8. Göteborg Hotel Allén, Sweden Hotels
  9. Göteborg Hotel Lorensberg, Sweden Hotels
  10. Göteborg Hotel Vasa, Sweden Hotels
  11. Göteborg – Hisingen Elisero Hotell, Sweden Hotels
  12. Halmstad Sweden Hotel Continental
  13. Halmstad – Tylösand Tylebäck Hotel, Sweden Hotels
  14. Helsingborg Hotel Maria, Sweden Hotels
  15. Helsingborg Hotell Linnéa, Sweden Hotels
  16. Hjo Sweden Hotel Bellevue
  17. Hässleholm Hotell Statt Hässleholm, Sweden Hotels
  18. Höga Kusten – Sandöverken Hotell Höga Kusten, Sweden Hotels
  19. Järna Hotell Kulturhuset, Sweden Hotels
  20. Kalmar Frimurarehotellet, Sweden Hotels
  21. Karlskrona Hotell Aston, Sweden Hotels
  22. Karlskrona Hotell Conrad, Sweden Hotels
  23. Karlstad Hotel Savoy, Sweden Hotels
  24. Katrineholm Hotel Statt Katrineholm, Sweden Hotels
  25. Kil Kavaljeren Apertin, Sweden Hotels
  26. Kiruna Hotel Arctic Eden, Sweden Hotels
  27. Kungälv Hotell Fars Hatt, Sweden Hotels
  28. Lidköping Stadshotellet Lidköping, Sweden Hotels
  29. Linköping Stångå Hotell, Sweden Hotels
  30. Lund Hotell Nordic Lund, Sweden Hotels
  31. Löddeköpinge Dahls Hotell, Sweden Hotels
  32. Malmköping Sweden Hotel Malmköping
  33. Malmö Mayfair Hotel Tunneln, Sweden Hotels
  34. Mellerud Wärdshuset på Dal, Sweden Hotels
  35. Mjölby Mjölby Stadshotell, Sweden Hotels
  36. Motala Hotell Nostalgi City, Sweden Hotels
  37. Motala Hotell Nostalgi, Sweden Hotels
  38. Mölle Hotel Kullaberg Sweden Hotels
  39. Nora Nora Stadshotell, Sweden Hotels
  40. Norrköping Hotel Centric, Sweden Hotels
  41. Norrtälje Hotell Roslagen, Sweden Hotels
  42. Simrishamn Hotel Svea, Sweden Hotels
  43. Skara Skara Stadshotell, Sweden Hotels
  44. Stockholm Hotel Esplanade, Sweden Hotels
  45. Stockholm Hotell Zinkensdamm, Sweden Hotels
  46. Södertälje Hotell Torpa Pensionat, Sweden Hotels
  47. Trollhättan Hotell Bele, Sweden Hotels
  48. Uppsala Grand Hotell Hörnan, Sweden Hotels
  49. Varberg Hotell Havanna, Sweden Hotels
  50. Vimmerby Hotell Ronja, Sweden Hotels
  51. Visby Donners Hotell, Sweden Hotels
  52. Västervik Centralhotellet, Sweden Hotels
  53. Växjö Öjaby Herrgård, Sweden Hotels
  54. Åmål Hotell Dalhall, Sweden Hotels
  55. Åmål Åmåls Stadshotell, Sweden Hotels
  56. Ängelholm  Hotell Erikslund, Sweden Hotels
  57. Örebro  Livin City Hotell, Sweden Hotels
  58. Örebro  Livin Station Hotell, Sweden Hotels
  59. Örnsköldsvik  Hotell Focus, Sweden Hotels
  60. Östersund  Hotel Älgen, Sweden Hotels


Combourg, France Chateau du Grand Val, Sweden Hotels

Sweden Hotel Esplanade Stockholm

Hotel Esplanade Stockholm is one of two additional hotels added in Best Western’s existing portfolio of 8 Stockholm hotels.

This hotel list from Sweden Hotels website shows 60 properties in Sweden for the chain. Not sure where the hotel list discrepancy exists with news reports stating 59 hotels acquired in this deal.

In the past, I stated Best Western is one of the major hotel chain brands to keep in mind when traveling to Scandinavia. This acquisition puts Best Western ahead of Nordic Choice Hotels in Sweden with about 80 hotels.

Best Western Rewards will be an even more useful hotel loyalty program for travel in Sweden with a multiple locations advantage over Choice Hotels and Choice Privileges. Also, members of Choice Privileges cannot earn points for paid stays. Choice Privileges members can only redeem points for Nordic Choice Hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia. Nordic Choice Club membership is required to earn points in Scandinavia in a separately run program with different earn and redemption charts.

The acquisition of Sweden Hotels by Best Western offers another major chain with numerous hotel locations in Sweden for U.S. based and global hotel loyalty program members wishing to earn and redeem points in Best Western Rewards.