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Buy Hyatt Points 30% bonus to May 23, Hyatt Daily Getaways May 10

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Hyatt normally sells 1,000 points for $24. Buy at least 5,000 Hyatt points by May 23 and receive 30% bonus points. The rate drops to $18.47 per 1,000 points. A member can normally buy up to 55,000 points in a calendar year. This offer allows the purchase of up to 71,500 points for $1,320.

Hyatt Buy Points

Good Deal?

There are certainly hotels where you can find good value redemptions when buying points. It depends on your travel needs and desires. Good value is most likely found at the higher level category hotels.

Hyatt Reward Nights (chart for standard rewards, Regency Club, suite upgrade and Points + Cash reward nights)

– Hyatt List of hotels in each category

Category 1 = 5,000 points = $92.35/night when buying points at $18.47 per 1,000 points.

Category 2 = 8,000 points = $147.76/night

Category 3 = 12,000 points = $221.64/night

Category 4 = 15,000 points = $277.05/night

Category 5 = 20,000 points = $369.40/night

Category 6 = 25,000 points = $461.75/night

Category 7 = 30,000 points = $554.10/night

You can save even more on reward nights at category 2-6 hotels using Points + Cash stays to buy 50% points for reward night at $12 to $13.75 per 1,000 points.

Category 1 and 7 Points + Cash reward nights cost $20 per 1,000 points copay.

Where I Want to Redeem Hyatt Points

On a personal note, my travels over the past year have mostly taken me to places where there are no Hyatt brand hotels in Poland, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltics.

London, Amsterdam and Vienna were too high priced compared to other options. Although, the new category 4 Hyatt Regency Amsterdam is where I want to use the Hyatt credit card free night credit this year.

I am sitting on Hyatt points from past stays and purchases hoping to get myself to Belgrade, Serbia this year and redeem points for extended stays at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade and Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, Greece on 8,000 points per night for the category 2 rewards.

A trip to Greece is part of my Aegean Miles+Bonus push for Star Alliance Gold over the coming year when I will need 4 more Aegean/Olympic flights after I reach Aegean Silver elite in July with my next SAS flight to Stockholm.

My Hyatt points look like a strategy for good hotel discount value in Greece and Serbia.

Ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk?

Daily Getaways Buy Hyatt Points Wed May 10, 1pm ET

Of course, Daily Getaways is selling Hyatt points on Wednesday, May 10 at deep discount prices as low as

$260 for 24,000 points is $10.84 per 1,000 points (120 available).

$330 for 30,000 points is $11.00 per 1,000 points (54 available).

$415 for 40,000 points is $10.38 per 1,000 points (30 available).

$775 for 72,000 points is $10.77 per 1,000 points (25 available).

Reality check: Only 229 Sets of Hyatt Points.

Most potential buyers will not get any of these Daily Getaways Hyatt deals. Simply a matter of luck with only 229 sets of points available. These will all go on hold in first second of sale based on my experience with Choice Privileges points. There were over 1,000 sets of Choice Privileges points for sale and they were all placed on hold in first two seconds of the sale.

Hyatt points at $11 per 1,000 points on Daily Getaways May 10 will likely be in far higher demand than Choice Privileges points were on Daily Getaways April 28.