Club Carlson $165 stay earns over 20K points to June 30

Club Carlson offers triple points (60 points/$1), plus 5,000 bonus points for each Sunday or Monday night stay through June 30, 2017. Plus, a one time 3,000 bonus points is earned with your first Club Carlson mobile app booking.

This seems to me the best hotel stay rebate around for the next couple months.

Loyalty Traveler – Club Carlson triple points + Sun/Mon 5K bonus April 3-June 30, 2017(April 5, 2017).

Earning Club Carlson bonus points on cheap Europe hotels

There are several Radisson Blu hotels in Europe where I see $80 to $100 per night room rates on Sunday and Monday. A 2 night stay spending $160 to $200 will earn 20,000 to 25,000 or more points for a Club Carlson Gold elite member. 

Radisson Blu Lisbon, Portugal $79/night room rate

Sun-Mon June 18-19 for 2 nights stay = $163.38 total.

Rad Blu Lisbon $79 Jun18-20

$164 Lisbon hotel stay earns: 

18,400 points base member (+ 3,000 points mobile booking bonus)

19,380 points Gold elite member

22,380 points Gold elite member with mobile app booking bonus

23,780 points Club Carlson Gold elite member with credit card payment and mobile app booking bonus. 

$163.38 / 148.40 EUR after tax is 2-night stay final price.

One free reward night is 28,000 points at Radisson Blu Lisbon.

Radisson Blu Beke Budapest  $73/night room rate

Sun-Mon June 18-19 for 2 nights stay = $179.68 total.

Behold the effect of hotel taxes in the difference between Lisbon showing a $79 room rate and $82 final price to Budapest $73 room rate and $90 final price per night. Less than 4% additional price on top base rate shown for Radisson Blu Lisbon compared to 20% additional price after taxes to Radisson Blu Budapest initial room rate. 

Rad Blu Budapest $73 Jun18-20

$180 Lisbon hotel stay earns: 

18,760 Club Carlson points base member

  • $73 x 20 = 1,460 base points x 2 nights = 2,920 points.
  • $73 x 40 = 2,920 (3x bonus points) x 2 = 5,840 points.
  • Sunday = 5,000 points.
  • Monday = 5,000 points.
  • 3,000 points Club Carlson mobile app booking bonus (one time only in 2017).

19,782 points Gold elite member ($146 x 7 points = 1,022)

22,782 points Gold elite member with mobile app booking bonus

24,242 points Club Carlson credit card payment. 

  • 10,000 bonus points (5,000 points Sunday, 5,000 points Monday)
  • 8,760 points (3x points on estimated $146 base spend before taxes).
  • 1,022 points  (Gold elite 35% bonus $140x 7 points).
  • 3,000 points Club Carlson mobile app booking bonus (one time only in 2017).
  • 1,460 Club Carlson credit card payment.

Rad Blu Budapest 15K

Radisson Blu Budapest is 15,000 points for a free night. A $180 hotel stay by June 30 earns enough points for a standard reward night at this hotel.

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  1. Don’t forget, the Carlson triple points promo is stackable with the Country Inn 15% off + 7000 points promo. I have gotten both on the same stay multiple times at Country Inns.

  2. @Joseph N.:

    I’m triple stacking the Country Inn and Suites bonus, mobile bonus, and Sunday/Monday stay/Triple points bonus. I should end up with ~23,000 from one weekend stay and $160 total spend.

  3. Ric, so you’re using your U.S. Bank-issued Carlson credit card to pay for these European stays, even though it incurs a foreign currency transaction charge? Does that not negate the value of the points gained?

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