Make Everything Great Again – Trump murals in Vilnius, Lithuania

On my walk to the Vilnius, Lithuania train station I sighted a mural that distracted me from my mission of catching a 4:00pm train to Kaunas.

Trump-Putin mural (2)

Building murals are one of my favorite aspects of Lithuania. I photographed several large murals on the sides of buildings in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda, the three largest cities in Lithuania.

Vilnius mural

Vilnius, Lithuania

Kaunas mural

Kaunas, Lithuania

Klaipeda mural (2)

Klaipeda, Lithuania

A mural of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was too good to pass up without a close-up photo. Unfortunately for me, I arrived at the same time as two Lithuanian women, who proceeded to spend the next five minutes taking selfies in front of the mural.

They apologized in English and asked me where I came from. When I said San Francisco (most people don’t know Monterey as a place name), one of the women told me she had been to San Francisco two years ago and loved it.

Trump-Putin blowin smoke (2)

‘Make Everything Great Again’ #MEGA – Trump blowin’ smoke shotgun style into Putin.

I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of Lithuanian- Russian relations.

Lithuania was the first of the Soviet Republics to declare independence from the Soviet Union on March 11, 1990.

Inside Keule Ruke, I ordered a beer and sat down for a few minutes. A few other guys were eating burgers and drinking beer. Outside was cooler, both temperature wise and ambience.

Although, few people around at 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon in Vilnius.

Keule Ruke-5

Seating consisted of plastic beer crates wired together, old bathtubs and tire swings.

Keule Ruke-4 

More murals outside brought out my camera again as I listened to Frank Zappa ‘Joe’s Garage’ play over the outdoor sound system.

Keule Ruke-1

Trains rumbled by on the tracks across the street.

Keule Ruke-2

Bend Over America. The bottom of the mural shows ballots with Clinton checkmarks on the ground.

Keule Ruke-3

Donald Trump losing his Make America Great Again cap, teeth and wallet, including a photo of Vladimir Putin.

Keule Ruke-6

Santa Maria. There was also a Mexican theme running through the murals.

Turned out not to be a bad thing hanging out at Keule Ruke and catching a later train to Kaunas, Lithuania. The weather was still nice and sunny at 61 degrees (16 celsius).

When I eventually arrived in Kaunas at 7pm, the rain was falling as I walked to my hotel. Then pissing down so hard that I ended up staying at the Best Western Santakos dining at the restaurant for dinner and beer that night.

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