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Luggage Storage in Reykjavik for tourists

There are currently no luggage storage facilities at Keflavik Airport KEF, the primary international airport for Iceland. There are three locations in Reykjavik with storage lockers at Reykjavik BSI Bus Terminal (Reykjavik Excursions FlyBus), Gray Line Holtagarðar bus station and Reykjavik City Airport (domestic Iceland flights).

For most travelers coming from Keflavik Airport KEF for a day trip to Reykjavik, the BSI Bus Station is most convenient location.

Good to Know Tip – Luggage Storage Lockers at BSI Bus Station in Reykjavik

Reykjavik Excursions FlyBus has frequent bus service anytime there are flights arriving or departing. A round trip ticket is 5,000 ISK / $44.69 USD from Keflavik KEF Airport to BSI Bus Station in Reykjavik. One way travel time is about 45 to 50 minutes.

Reykjavik luggage lockers

April 2017 – The price for a locker is 1,000 ISK ($8.94 USD) for 24 hours. Warning: Locker time expires when you re-open locker door, so make sure you have all you need from bags before locking and leaving or you will have to pay for another 24 hours.

There are additional bag storage lockers at Reykjavik City airport (next to BSI Bus Station) and the Gray Line Holtagarðar bus station (2 miles on opposite side of city and farther from downtown Reykjavik).

Google maps locations of two Reykjavik bus stations for travelers arriving by FlyBus (BSI station) or Gray Line Holtagarðar bus station.

Reykjavik Bus Stations google maps

On my April 2017 trip I arrived by Gray Line and departed by BSI Station. Gray Line station was slightly closer to Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, so not an inconvenience for me.

However, I walked about 12 miles across Reykjavik on my first afternoon in the city and as a tourist I found very little of interest in the residential neighborhoods to the east of Gray Line Holtagarðar bus station when I walked along Route 49 all the way to Route 1 interchange and through several surrounding neighborhoods.

Reykjavik east of GrayLine

Pedestrian/cycling path adjacent to Route 49 between Reykjavik Route 41 and Route 1.

Walk to Austurstræti from BSI Coach Terminal for Reykjavik entertainment

A walk from BSI Coach Terminal to Austurstræti in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland takes about 15 minutes. The lake in downtown Reykjavik is where you will find city hall, parliament and several museums.

Reykjavik BSI to Austurstræti

Austurstræti places you in the center of one of Reykjavik’s most densely populated entertainment district with pubs, restaurants and one of the few government operated Vinbudin liquor stores in Reykjavik.

Austurstræti in Downtown Reykjavik is a street lined with pubs and restaurants and appeared to be the center of tourism entertainment.

Reykjavik Vinbudin

English Pub Vinbudin

There is a bit of competition with Happy Hour at places along Austurstræti reducing beer and wine prices from $10-$15 to $7-$8 per glass. Most bars have happy hour at least from 5-7pm.

Markets only sell very low 2.25% alcohol beer at same or more expensive prices of Vinbudin. Vinbudin alcohol is at least 50% less than restaurants/pubs.

Most other major tourist attractions in Reykjavik are within ten minutes walk of Austurstræti.



Harpa Concert hall

Harpa Concert hall

Be sure to check out the interior design of Harpa. It is open all day , free to enter, wander around and hang out. There is a gift shop and cafe restaurant.


Harpa Concert Hall interior

Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik is on the main road between BSI Coach Terminal and downtown Reykjavik.

Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik

You will find Hard Rock Cafe past the small lake in Reykjavik where City Hall and several city museums are located.

Reykjavik tjornin

Reykjavik Tjornin (lake).

You can visit downtown Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport and see most of these places if you have at least five hours in Iceland, although six or seven hours might be a safer bet to travel by Flybus to the city and back to Keflavik Airport for your flight.




  • Tim Warren April 15, 2017

    A simple google search (and from experience) says that there’s luggage storage available at KEF

    unfortunately, it’s very inconvenient. Need to take the rental car shuttle to the storage place

    Leave your luggage with us and enjoy Iceland. We store your luggage in a secure place while you go and explore.

    Our Luggage storage is located 500 meters from the departure side of the airport. We are located between Enterprise and Avis.

  • bluecat April 15, 2017

    For the price of that RT bus, I can easily find (and much prefer) a one-day car rental. And that solves the problem of storing your luggage too!

  • Ric Garrido April 16, 2017

    @bluecat – I distinctly remember being in Uppsala, Sweden in 2015 watching National Geographic Channel show on extreme weather. There was a segment about a British couple driving from Reykjavik to Keflavik when a sudden blizzard whiteout changed weather conditions in less than five minutes on their drive to the airport. Not much shelter out there on that open road and a lot of rocks to hit if you drift off the highway.

    The amount of traffic in summer probably means parking in Reykjavik is an extreme challenge. The biggest shock to me walking around Reykjavik were the number of cars on the streets and constant traffic in April. I would much rather walk than waste time seeking out parking spaces in Reykjavik.

  • bluecat April 16, 2017

    Okay, point taken. There are always possibilities for things to go wrong, however, and the chances of such things slim (especially if you have access to weather reports), so I prefer to be optimistic and go for it.

    You are right about the parking situation—it’s can be a PITA. I remember having to run down and feed a meter every morning in Reykjavik because “free parking time” ended at 9AM.

    Anyway, just wanted to point out an alternative to walking and buses. It seems from your reviews that you really like walking…as do I!

    More-often-than-not , however, I research the alternatives and then choose rental cars over public transportation. This way, I still get to do city walks, but I also get to do very cool hikes away from the city as well, thanks to the flexibility that my own wheels lets me have.

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