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Daily Getaways 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points $175 GoFast night deals

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Wyndham Rewards points are being sold through Daily Getaways Friday April 14 at rate of $175 for 15,000 points. You can buy a maximum two packages for a total 30,000 points for $350. There are 1,143 sets of points for sale.

Daily Getaways Wyndham points 2017

I doubt all these points will sell out today. I don’t think there are many bloggers out there who have found the kind of value I have personally found booking hotel reward nights with Wyndham Rewards points to convince enough people to buy all 1,143 sets of points today.

Wyndham Rewards GoFree rates

I would not pay $175 for Wyndham Rewards points for one free night at any Wyndham Hotel. I have only stayed in a few hotel rooms in any chain where I spent $175 or more for one night. And I have stayed at many dozens of upper upscale and luxury hotels over the years.

I currently hold tens of thousands of Wyndham Rewards points from previous Daily Getaways purchases and hotel stays, so I am not particularly interested in picking up another 15K or 30K points today.

But, I have looked at many properties to find good value for my points and I will point out some good places where I might redeem points this summer. Recent redemptions for me over the past year were Sofia, Bulgaria, Vilnius Lithuania and Amsterdam. I also had reward bookings in Switzerland, Italy, France and London I canceled.

I’m so bored with the USA

USA hotels hold little interest for me. There are few places where I can’t find a better hotel at a better deal than using Wyndham Rewards points in the USA. The last time I redeemed Wyndham Rewards points for free nights at a hotel with $175 value was Wyndham Grand Mills House Charleston. I also redeemed for several nights at Hotel New Yorker a couple years back, but ended up canceling that hotel stay. Hotel New Yorker held interest for me as the location where Nikola Tesla died in room 3327 on Jan 7, 1943.

Wyndham Rewards Go Fast rates

Europe is where I redeem most of my Wyndham Rewards points and I know several places where I can stay at good hotels for low cost using Wyndham Rewards GoFast rates.

Loyalty Traveler -  Hotel Review: Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre on Wyndham Rewards GoFast rate (April 7, 2016).

Loyalty Traveler – Norwegian Flights in Europe and Wyndham Rewards deals in Switzerland (April 25, 2016).

In February 2017, Wyndham Rewards raised the copay amounts on many hotels in Europe. There was also a big reduction in the availability of higher category rooms. Since writing that article in February 2017, I have found more hotels in Europe still offering higher category rooms. Some hotels even still offer suites on GoFast rates.

Loyalty Traveler – Wyndham Rewards GoFast Rewards increase copay, reduce room types (Feb 18, 2017).

There are occasionally some great deals for Wyndham Rewards points. In February 2017, Wyndham Rewards had a limited time offer for an entire house vacation rental at 15,000 points per night.

Loyalty Traveler – Wyndham Rewards 15,000 points for Europe vacation cottage rental (Feb 28, 2017).

Wyndham Rewards points work for me since my primary objective is traveling around Europe as much as I can, while budgeting for the best value hotels under $100 per night I can find in places I go. I don’t want to spend more than $100 per hotel night, so I am not looking for luxury hotel stays, but I am not a hostel traveler either.

I like the idea of booking comfortable rooms at big discounts. The availability of higher category rooms at some hotels is the sweet spot I seek out when redeeming Wyndham Rewards points.

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre

July 20-24, 2017 4 nights

Executive King Room  724.50 EUR /$769.91 USD

Ramada Amsterdam 7-20 4 night rate

Despite the hotel name, Ramada Apollo Amsterdam is about a 20 minute tram ride to city centre. Still, the cost of this hotel on GoFast rates offers one of the best value hotel deals available in Amsterdam, especially over expensive weekends when hotel rates skyrocket in the city.

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam

July 20-24, 2017 4 nights Go Fast Reward Stay

Executive King Room 12,000 points + 260.40 EUR / $276.76

Ramada Amsterdam 7-20 4 night GoFast rate

In this example, 12,000 points reduces the cost of four nights in a King Executive room by 464.10 EUR ($493.26).

Every $35 paid for 3,000 Wyndham Rewards purchased points in Daily Getaways saves $124 in room rate at Ramada Apollo. Basically, Wyndham Rewards points makes it possible to book a hotel room in Amsterdam over a weekend in July for $105 per night on a room retailing for $192 per night.

Those are the kinds of values I find with Wyndham Rewards points that makes today’s Daily Getaways offer a good deal at $175 for 15,000 points.

Like I said, I don’t think these points will sell out before the end of the day.

Wyndham Rewards website allows you to check out room types available on GoFast rates without having any points. You might want to study some of the hotels in places you plan to be in 2017 and see if there are good value properties for your travel destinations.

I know several hotels around Europe offering well over $11.67 per 1,000 points in redemption value from a Daily Getaways purchase of 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for $175.

I stayed in one of those hotels last week.

Loyalty Traveler – Ramada Vilnius Lithuania Hotel Review – notably luxurious for brand (April 14, 2017).

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  • Ric Garrido April 15, 2017

    As I suspected, these Wyndham Rewards points are still available the next day. I think I have adequate points to get me through the next year.

    Personally, I am saving my money to buy Daily Getaways Choice Privileges points April 28. I have plans for Choice Privileges reward stays in Porto, Portugal and Prague this summer where rates will provide $40 to $50 reward nights in both cities at decent hotels.

    Hoping to score 200,000 Choice Privileges points for around $850 in this year’s sale.

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