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Fare War AA/DL $380 to $400 dozens of USA cities to 9 cities in Europe May to Feb 2018

American and Delta have a raging fare war today with ticket prices from $380 to $450 round trip from dozens of cities across the USA to 9 cities in Europe.

This kind of nationwide sale has only happened about 3 or 4 times in the past year.

American Airlines/Oneworld low fares to:

  • Amsterdam AMS,
  • Paris CDG,
  • Milan MXP,
  • Rome FCO
  • Venice VCE.

Delta Airlines/SkyTeam responded with low fares to:

  • London,
  • Manchester MAN
  • Helsinki HEL,
  • Barcelona BCN
  • Madrid MAN,

Departure Dates:

  • May 2017,
  • September to February 2018.

This sale is so expansive that even my hometown airport of Monterey, California has tickets at $386 round trip to Amsterdam on American Airlines.

I don’t see any low United fares yet. They may be conserving cash for passenger lawsuits.

Delta Airlines

Sacramento SMF – Seattle SEA – New York JFK – Barcelona BCN – New York JFK – Los Angeles LAX – Sacramento SMF

$385.16 round trip  Mon Oct 30 – Mon Nov 6

SMF-BCN $385 DL Oct30-Nov6

American Airlines

Monterey MRY – Phoenix PHX – London LHR – Amsterdam AMS – London LHR – Phoenix PHX – Monterey MRY

$442.86 round trip  Mon Oct 30 – Mon Nov 6

MRY-AMS $443 AA Oct30-Nov6

MRY-AMS $443 AAticket price

While there is an AA $386 ticket price routing through Philadephia, I prefer British Airways aircraft and chose this fare to display at $50 more flying BA PHX-LHR.

I did not find low fares from San Francisco SFO, San Jose SJC or Oakland OAK. Low fares are available from many other California airports and dozens of airports across the USA.


  • Jason April 10, 2017

    Low airfares are great if a person isn’t bothered by the tremendous stress of changing multiple flights and praying that all their flights are on time and no one loses your luggage along the way.

    I did this last year flying AA SFO-ORD-MAN-LHR on business class that cost my miles plus $11 – so it was a dirt cheap flight.
    After this experience I said never again. I would rather just pay and fly economy class on a direct 10 hour flight from SFO to LHR round trip.

    Hoping your ALL of your flights leave on time so that you don’t miss your connecting flight, then rushing to the gate or terminal of the next flight while praying that the baggage people get your luggage on the right plane, then doing it again at an airport you are not familiar with, plus dealing with jet lag, and then dealing with rude airline staff to enhance the stress level. And then going through this again on the way back.
    No thank you.

    I will gladly pay more to fly direct and avoid the awful experience that US carriers dish out to their customers.

    Conversely I have flown to Asia for decades and not once have I ever had a stressful flying experience or encountered rude staff – not once!

  • Ric Garrido April 11, 2017

    I prefer to get on a flight from California to Europe without USA connections. If I get stuck with a missed flight, I would rather be stuck in a European city than a US city.

    That is why I showed the BA flight itinerary connecting in Phoenix, rather than the cheaper American Airlines via Philadelphia itinerary. Amazingly, it is now generally cheaper to even stay in London with a last minute room than a city like Phoenix on a weeknight.

    I bought a $25 Marriott hotel room for Chicago ORD valid through 2017. Figured there is a good probability I might get stuck there overnight this summer on a United Airlines connection. Kind of like cheap hotel insurance.

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