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Club Carlson 3,000 points Mobile App booking April 3-Dec 31, 2017

Club Carlson probably has the best value promotions right now for hotel stays with Triple Points on all stays (April 3-June 30) + Sunday and Monday night stays earn 5,000 bonus points per night (April 3-June 30) + earn 3,000 bonus points one time for a stay booked via Club Carlson mobile app anytime during the remainder of 2017 (April 3-Dec 31).

Loyalty Traveler – Club Carlson triple points + Sun/Mon 5K bonus April 3-June 30, 2017

Club Carlson 3k mobile booking

I posted my analysis of Club Carlson Triple Points + 5,000 Sunday/Monday a few days ago, but I had not seen the mobile booking bonus offer at the time. I already convinced myself this promotion is a good deal for our travels to Europe in June and now I know it is even better.

A Sunday or Monday night stay over the next three months booked by mobile app will earn over 9,000 points for one night.

Radisson Blu Lietuva, Vilnius, Lithuania

$74 USD (69.26 EUR) Sunday May 28

Rad Blu Lietuva

My hotel stay folio in Vilnius, Lithuania this week shows 9% VAT, so I will assume $66 of $74 room rate earns Club Carlson points.

  • $66 x 60 points/$1 = 3,960 points
  • Sunday night stay = 5,000 points
  • Mobile Booking = 3,000 points

11,960 points for a one-night $74 Sunday stay at Radisson Blu Lietuva.

For Club Carlson Visa member paying with credit card:

Gold elite 35% bonus points: $66 x 7 points/$1 = 462 points.

Club Carlson Visa spend: $66 x 10 points/$1 = 660 points.

13,082 points for one night $74 stay at Radisson Blu Lietuva, Vilnius, Lithuania.

As I said, I already convinced myself of which hotel chain I will focus my hotel spend in Europe for our June trip.

Park Inn Kaunas-1

Park Inn Kaunas, Lithuania 13,500 points /night for Business Class upgrade room with breakfast.

I stayed at Park Inn Kaunas, Lithuania the night before last. It is a full service category 1 hotel in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city. The hotel offers a great location for a pub crawl down the city center mile long pedestrian walkway with dozens of restaurants, shops, bars and pubs. I don’t know if there is another place anywhere where 9,000 Club Carlson points (or 13,500 for upgrade room) will place you in a good hotel with a good location.

Kaunas Old Town1

Old Town Kaunas, Lithuania

Ryanair flies Copenhagen to Kaunas for as low as $11 one way. My WOW Air ticket San Francisco to Copenhagen was $70 one way for this trip, although I stayed in Iceland and flew Wizz Air for $71 one way directly from Keflavik to Vilnius, Lithuania, a city with a beautiful Old Town.

The train between Kaunas and Vilnius is 4.80 EUR and takes 70 to 90 minutes.

Vilnius Gates of Dawn

Gate of Dawn is one of the original five 16 c. city gates to Vilnius, Lithuania constructed at a time when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was one of the leading powers of eastern Europe ruling a vast area of Europe from the Baltic Sea to near the Black Sea coast.


  • Karen April 8, 2017

    Thank u for posting. Need to cancel my res for tomorrow night and rebook!!

  • Uri April 8, 2017

    Karen, and all, note that if you use the app you are giving up potentially higher cashback/points through portals, especially if the stay is >100$

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