Copenhagen CPH Norwegian Air Stockholm ARN WOW Air (defunct)

Filling in the Gap Home on $70 WOW one way fares to Europe

Last month I picked up a few $70 WOW one-way tickets San Francisco to Copenhagen and London for April and May 2017 trips. The marketing trick WOW plays is an ultra low fare from the USA to Europe with a much higher one way fare Europe to USA.

I don’t play that game. I’ll fly some other airline back to California.

Flying Stockholm to San Francisco/San Jose for holiday deals

Many travelers might be panicked not having a ticket home from Europe one month before flying a one way ticket to Copenhagen.

Stockholm, Sweden is my go to city for cheap flights to California. We can fly home to California for as little as $400 round trip in April, returning to Stockholm on the inbound flights next December for the holiday season.

Air Berlin

Stockholm ARN – Berlin TXL – San Francisco SFO – TXL – ARN

$403 round trip  Mon April 10 – Mon Dec 25

ARN-LAX $403 AB Apr9-Dec25

Ticket prices from Stockholm to northern California have not gone up in the past four weeks since I purchased the WOW Air $70 deals. There are even lower Norwegian one way fares today than there were on February 14 for flights from Scandinavia to Oakland at $145 to $199 one way.

$70 WOW (SFO – Copenhagen) + $202 Air Berlin (Stockholm – LAX) = $272 round trip. 

Even with a $72 checked bag for Kelley, $344 round trip to Europe is a fantastic deal.

Flying to Europe for $272 round trip is kind of cool. But, I have done even cheaper this year with my January trip $70 SFO – Copenhagen and Stockholm – San Francisco $111 return. My trip last week SFO-London (United) /Stockholm-Oakland (Norwegian) worked out to $299 round trip for the transatlantic segments.

Norwegian is an airline I really enjoy flying. Last week I watched a six part, 5 hour Norwegian TV historical series Kampen om Tungtvannet / Heavy Water War about the efforts in WWII to disable heavy water production in Norway being used by the Nazis in their nuclear weapons development program.

Alliance Airlines are the Best Deal for Me

The main problem with Norwegian and WOW Air is their weekend ticket prices tend to be much higher priced than weekdays. My wife wants to fly home on a weekend.

An even better deal than Norwegian and WOW Air is flying an alliance airline with the option to fly home to San Francisco in April and back to Stockholm in December for the Christmas season holidays. Most alliance airlines provide free checked bag and seat assignment for international flights.


United Airlines  Stockholm ARN – London LHR – San Francisco SFO – Zurich ZRH – Stockholm ARN

$478 round trip  Sunday April 16 – Friday Dec 22

ARN-SFO $478 UA Ap16-Dec22

A ticket like this is a $239 one way ticket back to SFO added to the $70 ticket SFO-Copenhagen. $309 round trip to Europe is still a great deal. Flying to Europe at Christmas for $239 one way is a real deal.

Of course, I’ll need tickets home from Europe in early January 2018.

ARN-SFO $434 Jan5-Feb10

Right now I can book a 2018 ticket Stockholm to San Francisco for $434 round trip.

But no worry to hurry into 2018 tickets. I have the rest of 2017 to plan my return from Europe for next year.

Where to Go from Copenhagen and Stockholm

Flying into Copenhagen and out of Stockholm are easy airports to transit through with affordable hotel stay options using Choice Privileges points. I don’t plan to spend much time in either city, except for a hotel bed. The prevalence of tickets from Copenhagen and Stockholm to other cities around Europe for under $50 one way makes these airports good landing places for flights to somewhere else.