IHG Accelerate 2017 Achieved 44,323 points on 2 stays for $317

My IHG Rewards Club Accelerate 2017 tasks earned 44,323 IHG Rewards Club points for $317 hotel spend on 2 Holiday Inn stays in Krakow, Poland and London.

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate promotion Jan 1–April 15, 2017 offers member targeted tasks for earning bonus points through IHG Rewards Club hotel stays and activities. My individual offer provided a set of 6 tasks with the completion of 5 tasks sufficient to earn 13,000 bonus points and a potential 49,700 bonus points.

Loyalty Traveler – Accelerate 2017 IHG Rewards Club Jan 1 – April 15 bonus points (Dec 12, 2016).

In January, I stayed one night at Holiday Inn Krakow, Poland for $103. In February, I stayed 2 nights at Holiday Inn London Kensington for $214.

These two international hotel stays completed 5 of 6 tasks in my IHG Rewards Club Accelerate 2017 promotion tasks to earn 39,700 bonus points with IHG Accelerate and 4,623 points for the two hotel stays.

$317 hotel spend for 3 hotel nights earned 44,323 total points. That is a points earning rate on hotel stays equivalent to paying $7.15 per 1,000 IHG Rewards Club points, which is not unreasonable to spend for IHG points alone.

Even better, I earned 44,323 IHG Rewards Club points at $7.15 per 1,000 points while staying 3 nights in hotels I needed on trips in Krakow, Poland and central London.

IHG Accelerate activity chart

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate 2017 Bonus Points Achievement on 2 stays and $317 hotel spend

Holiday Inn Krakow Qualifying Stay #1:

$103USD/415 PLN Polish Zloty on 1,000 bonus points package rate earned 2,378 hotel stay points as 919 base points, 459 Platinum elite points and 1,000 bonus points for rate type.

Total IHG Rewards Club Points earned for Holiday Inn Krakow $103 hotel stay = 23,478 points.

Krakow dusk

HI Krakow Normal Hotel Stay Points = 2,378 points

  • Earned 919 base points ($91.90 base rate before tax)
  • Earned 459 Platinum elite 50% bonus points
  • Earned 1,000 bonus points in hotel points purchase package rate

HI Krakow Accelerate 2017 bonus points = 21,100 points

  • Earned January Bonus Offer 1,000 bonus points
  • Task 1 – Earned Book and Stay Once Get 3,000 bonus points
  • Task 2 – Earned Earn More, Faster with bonus points hotel package rate 3,600 bonus points
  • Task 3 – Earned Explore with Confidence for one stay outside Americas 12,000 bonus points
  • Task 4 – Earned Spend on IHG Rewards Club Credit Card 1,500 bonus points

Holiday Inn Krakow $103 hotel stay also earned a $75 MasterCard rebate from a separate IHG Rewards Club promotion.

Loyalty Traveler – Holiday Inn Krakow $100 night earned 23,500 points + $75 rebate (Fen 11, 2017).


Holiday Inn London Kensington Qualifying Stay #2

$107 room rate x 2 nights = $214/172.90 GBP hotel spend on advance purchase prepaid rate

Total IHG Rewards Club Points earned for Holiday Inn London Kensington $214 stay = 20,845 points.

HI Ken view

HI London Normal Hotel Stay Points = 2,245 points

  • Earned 1,497 base points ($91.90 base rate before tax)
  • Earned 748 Platinum elite 50% bonus points

HI London Accelerate 2017 bonus points = 18,600 points

  • Task 5 – Earned Change Your View for 2 Holiday Inn Stays 5,600 bonus points
  • Accelerate 2017 Achievement Bonus earned 13,000 bonus points for completion 5 of 6 tasks.

Loyalty Traveler – My Square Foot–Holiday Inn London Kensington unkingly quiet (Feb 22, 2017).


Still IHG Accelerate 10,000 bonus points more for me to earn

The last remaining task is Task 6 – Stay 5 nights for 10,000 bonus points. I have until April 15 to complete that task.

10,000 bonus points is a good rebate ($50 rebate value or more) for selecting IHG properties for hotel stay needs in next month.

$317 hotel spend for 3 nights at Holiday Inn hotels in London and Krakow, Poland earned 43,423 IHG Rewards Club points.

That is a good and real value hotel loyalty promotion rebate for my hotel spend.

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  1. Looks like they might be getting faster at applying the bonus and task points?
    That has been my biggest frustration with IHG in this structure. They take the entire amount of time in the fine print to apply points. Even then things that tie into the use your IHG card have not come through for me. On two promotions I have had to call or e-mail 2-3 times and wait an additional 4 weeks for them to be posted, often with a manual override. I just don’t like to have loose ends I have to keep track of. So many other chain promotions apply withing 2-4 days I just don’t get why IHG is so consistently at the outer edge of the range of days they say it takes.

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