Wyndham Rewards GoFast Rewards increase copay, reduce room types

Turns out Wyndham Rewards has seriously devalued GoFast Rewards with two or three consumer unfriendly changes this week.

Wyndham Rewards GoFast big value has been reduced.

Wyndham Rewards GoFast nights are the program’s cash and points reward introduced in May 2015. They cost 3,000 points + a copay of $25 to $150 as a general rule.

The program was an even better deal for stays in 2015 when the highest copay amount was $95, but that increased about one year ago to a copay at high end hotels around $150 per night..

The copay amount has increased this week for Wyndham Rewards GoFast rates. Several Ramada hotels in Europe I examined on Feb 14 and February 16 for GoFast rates are 11 to 12 EUR higher on Feb 17. This is more than a 40% increase for some hotels that were 23 EUR copay Feb 14 and Feb 17 are 34 EUR.  Days Inn Waterloo increased from 42 GBP to 52 GBP copay this week.

Wyndham GoFast Reward changes

1. GoFast cash copay increase of 11 to 12 EUR per night at same hotels I checked 24 hours ago. Copay for Wyndham Rewards GoFast rates were unchanged over last 12 months.

Ramada Cluj Romania

GoFast rate Tuesday Feb 14 = 3,000 points + 41 EUR

Ramada Cluj Feb14

Ramada Cluj Romania

GoFast rate Friday Feb 17  = 3,000 points + 52 EUR

Wyndham Rewards GoFast Copay increased 26% this week.

Ramada Club Feb17

2. Some hotels I checked today show nonrefundable terms for a GoFast Reward. I have never seen this before for reservations made weeks in advance. Website messages give conflicting statements on GoFast rate rules with terms also stating 24 hours flexible cancellation, so may only be a temporary technical glitch in the website makeover to the new GoFast rates.

Ramada Amsterdam

3. Higher category room options appear to be greatly reduced. Some hotels in the system offered higher category rooms and sometimes even suites at same reward price as standard rooms for many years. Availability of higher category rooms looks like it has changed this week for hotels I have been watching over the past month.

In January 2017 I studied Ramada hotels in Romania and there were suites available in several hotels.  I found hotel suites available as GoFast rates for 3,000 points + copay at several hotels in Ukraine and Romania for July 2017 stays. Those hotels offer only GoFast rewards for standard rooms when I checked today. 

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  1. You know why this happened?….because it’s Wyndham. I keep telling people that Wyndham is NOT a good program to invest your time. I could see if you’re in a rare situation where you are forced to stay at some specific hotel because your company makes you or there are not choices but beyond that there is little reason to invest in this program.

  2. I noticed the same – first hotels in the US adjusted their co-pay and room category availability, now I see it in Europe and Asia… The co-pay at Ramada Bucharest for example increased by 40%…
    I think this is similar to other hotel rewards programs – after big program changes and/or as they become more mature, they eliminate pockets of extraordinary value. I found as much as 5ct/pt for Wyndham Rewards points and that is not likely to stay…
    Less value, less reason to stay…

  3. Glad we enjoyed a suite at the Puerto Rico Wyndham Rio Mar over New Years, as the suites are no longer included in the points redemption. Nice property, but we only got the credit card and points to stay in the suite there. I pretty much have no more use of Wyndham without suite awards.

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