Dublin to LAX 378 EUR-$403USD Ethiopian

I have been studying round trip airfare from Europe to California in the wake of my WOW Air $70 one way SFO to London and Copenhagen tickets for spring travel. Essentially this means San Francisco SFO, San Jose SJC and Los Angeles LAX travel.

I am not looking at one-way tickets from Europe to California since Norwegian and WOW are the lowest one way fares and neither airline has a deal on the travel dates I need for LAX (WOW/Norwegian), OAK (Norwegian), SFO (WOW), LAS (Norwegian). Ticket prices are around $300 one way to California.

Yesterday the round trip ticket price for Dublin, Ireland to Los Angeles was as low as 358 EUR ($382 USD) flying Ethiopian Airlines nonstop. Today the price is up 10 EUR each way.

Ethiopian Airlines  Dublin, Ireland DUB – Los Angeles LAX – Dublin

377.78 EUR / $403 USD  Sun May 14 – Wed June 14

DUB-LAX $403 ET May14-Jun14

What’s Weird?

The weird part is the price on the Ethiopian Airlines website is often lower than the price shown on the Google Flights link.

The even weirder aspect is the return flight price changes for different outbound flight selections.

The header row shows one way fares for days of the week Thu May 11 to Wed May 17, 2017. There are flights Friday, Sunday and Wednesday for Dublin to LAX. Flights LAX to Dublin are Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sunday May 14 and Wednesday May 17 have show the same one way ticket price DUB-LAX at 207.26 EUR.

LAX-DUB return flight price shown above for Wed June 14 is 171.52 EUR.

However, if I change the outbound from May 14 to May 17, in what appears to be no change in ticket price at 207.26 EUR DUB-LAX, then the inbound flight segment changes to a different booking code with a price increase from 171 EUR to 242 EUR and the lowest fare becomes 450 EUR / $480 USD.

Google Flights saves you some frustration of searching different dates on Ethiopian Airlines website calendar and then surprises you with an even lower fare price than shown.

Ethiopian Airlines  Dublin, Ireland DUB – Los Angeles LAX – Dublin

449.78 EUR / $480 USD  Wed May 17 – Wed June 14

DUB-LAX $480 ET May17-Jun14

There are some low fare dates for Ethiopian flights Dublin to LAX, however, I find the 6:15am departure time ridiculously early and inconvenient for Dublin, a relatively expensive hotel city for Europe.

Definitely an option to keep in mind for Ireland and California travels.

The other deal spot for Europe to USA with more $400 round trip tickets are Stockholm to LAX and San Jose SJC. Got a feeling I will be ARNing my way back to California again in spring 2017.

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