Best Western extends $10 Travel Card per stay Feb 13-April 30, 2017

Best Western extends its $10 Travel Card earned per stay promotion from February 13 to April 30, 2017. This is the same as their last promotion from Best Western Rewards for stays Nov 28 to January 29.

Register now! Get a $10 Best Western® Gift Card with every stay between February 13, 2017 and April 30, 2017.
Best Western Rewards members must register prior to their first eligible stay.**

The good deal is register for the promotion, stay at any Best Western hotel worldwide and earn a $10 e-TravelCard good for Best Western hotel stay payment.

BW $10 TravelCard image

Bad news:

  • card expires 120 days from issuance. You only have four months to redeem $10 value with another hotel stay.
  • Travel Card is only redeemable at check-in on non-prepaid reservations made on bestwestern.com.

Here are some other rules to know:

  • North America residents earn $10 Travel Card at Best Western hotels worldwide.
  • Residents outside North America only earn $10 Travel Card for Best Western hotel stays in North America.
  • $10 Travel Cards are combinable for single stay payment. If you have earned $30 in Travel Cards from 3 stays, you can redeem all three at one hotel for $30 hotel bill credit.

Can a guest redeem more than one of these promotional travel cards during their stay? 

(Example – guest earned 3 $10 promotional travel cards during the promotion and wants to redeem all 3 (totaling $30) for their stay at one individual hotel).

Yes, assuming that all gift cards are still valid and not expired, they may redeem more than one gift card for their stay.

Best Western FAQ

A major negative Best Western $10 Travel Card is it cannot be used online when booking prepaid rates booked online, generally the lowest priced Advance Purchase rates. Yet, you must make the booking online at BestWestern.com to be eligible for TravelCard redemption.

The FAQ do not address the question if you could apply the card to pay a hotel dining bill at check-out?

My $10 Travel Card saves me 50 cents on my next hotel stay

I booked the lowest non-prepaid rate I found this morning for a Best Western hotel I need in Poland. The Prepaid Rate was $9.50 less than the flexible rate I booked. I booked a higher flexible cancellation rate to use my $10 Travel Card earned from a hotel stay in Vienna in December.

Basically, my $10 TravelCard earned in Vienna is a waste for my hotel stay in Poland. I don’t know that I will want or need another Best Western hotel stay before my $10 Travel Card expires in early May. I’ll earn another $10 Travel Card from the Poland hotel to be used by July.

Or I can book the prepaid rate for Poland, save $9.50 today and have $20 Best Western credit for another hotel stay before May 7. And if my $20 discount hotel stay is by April 30, then I earn another $10 credit valid for Europe in July when I will need many hotel nights. $30 sounds like a great rebate on what might only be $150 to $200 in hotel rooms at highly competitive rates for the places I book.

Best Western Rewards $10 Travel Card on every stay sounds like a great deal, especially when paying $40 to $50 hotel room rates like I booked in Austria and Poland. However, the reality is that for my actual hotel stays, the $10 Travel Card is projected to come out at less than $1.00 overall savings, if I redeem my $10 Travel card on my next Best Western hotel stay.

I could be a hamster on the Best Western loyalty wheel going nowhere, or I may be getting the best deals around. All depends on my stay pattern and if I can actually find truly good redemption value for the $10 Best Western Travel Cards.

My Conclusion

I like the sound of a $10 Travel Card on every Best Western hotel stay. I’d really like the promotion if it were possible to redeem the e-TravelCard credit online when booking advance purchase prepaid reservations at BestWestern.com.

In my quest for knowledge, I might run up a $10+ tab at the Best Western restaurant/bar in Poland and see if my $10 Travel Card bails me out when staying on an advance purchase prepaid rate.

Loyalty Traveler – Trip Report: Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow 11 hotel nights for $500 (Jan 2, 2017).

Loyalty Traveler – Best Western Rewards $10 Travel Card every stay Nov 28-Jan 29 (Dec 1, 2016).

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  1. Ric, may I ask a CHOICE Privileges question in this Best Western thread? Do you know if CHOICE will have their fairly regularly offered “2 stays get 8,000 points” promo later this spring? I’ve got some stays coming up. And you are the CHOICE go-to guy!

    LOVE the trips reports! Thank you, Jim

  2. Great analysis. This sounds like a lot of work for $1 off – I prefer bonus points over gift cards: they are more flexible to use!
    I don’t think this promotion will get me to move a stay to Best Western!

  3. @Jim – Hopefully we know about a new promotion in the next week. Double Points ended February 9. Choice Privileges will likely bring back the two stays for 8,000 points. They typically do not have much variety in their promotion offers.

    @Rupert – I decided the best strategy is pay the $40 advance purchase rate for Poland and not redeem the $10 travel card.

    I’ll double down with a second $10 gift card earned. More chance I will find real savings with $20 in hotel credit. I now have a new trip to Europe for April on a $70 WOW Air ticket SFO to Copenhagen. I’ll be searching for a good Best Western hotel deal.

  4. What happen when the hotel refuse to use your card.
    Will you end up with 9.5 $ more expensive reservation and gift card that you will not be able to use.
    I guess my question is can the hotel refuse to use the card for whatever reason ( technical or else) and what are your option in this case.
    I am asking because i was in this situation a few days ago.

  5. @John – Hotel refusing to redeem card could be a problem. When I redeemed my $100 Travel Card in Vienna last December, receptionist wanted a copy of the original email showing I was the card recipient.

    In a case where the incident has already happened, then writing Best Western Rewards customer service is an option. I received a $100 Travel Card once for a customer service issue complaint I sent to Phoenix HQ from a hotel stay.

    Then again, I have also sent complaints about Best Western Rewards issues from a hotel and never received any reply.

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