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Priceline Group buys Momondo to combine with Kayak meta-search

The Priceline Group has announced a $550 million dollar acquisition of Momondo, the airfare meta-search engine founded in Copenhagen in 2006.

Anyone who searches for low airline fares from online travel agencies has probably used or should. It is one of the most useful sites for locating airfare deals. has a strong market base in Europe and will help Priceline in European markets.

Priceline Group has a far larger global share for hotel bookings than Expedia. And now, the combination of Kayak for hotels and Momondo for airfare searches places Priceline Group at the forefront of meta-search.

Priceline Group Companies

  • Kayak,.com,

Priceline Group

Loyalty Traveler – Priceline vs. Expedia–Who is bigger for hotel bookings? (May 8, 2015).

I prefer Google Flights as my primary airfare search tool to track down deals. The ability to quickly scroll through months of fares in Google Flights calendar view is a very powerful feature for my searches.

Once I have located fare dates on Google Flights, then I go to with routes and dates to find even lower fares through online travel agencies.

In the merger and acquisition world, any good travel website is snapped up by one of the major groups of travel websites controlled by Priceline, Expedia and Google.

SkiftPriceline Buys Momondo for $550 Million to Expand in Europe.


  • Marilyn B February 9, 2017

    @Ric, I think you used Momondo to buy through Travel Merry. Not sure I remember the details.
    How did that work out? Appreciate any insights, as I have read some mixed comments about them.


  • Ric Garrido February 11, 2017

    @Marilyn B. – If I go on a rant about in the next two weeks, then my ticket purchase did not go smoothly. If I am happily walking and drinking my way across London, then saved $100 on the ticket price United was charging for same flights.

  • tassojunior February 11, 2017

    No thanks to the usually Indian-based “discount” shops like ExploreTrip that Momondo feeds to. To save a very few dollars ($10 often) you give up any help or communication from the airline and risk the less-than-competent shops screwing up your trip. Seldom worth it.

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