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Milan MXP to Venice, Italy offers four Marriott Rewards Category 1-2 hotels

There are four Marriott brand hotels in northern Italy available as Marriott Rewards category 1 or category 2 hotel reward nights on the route between Milan Malpensa Airport MXP northwest of Milan and Venice, Italy 300 km east.

Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport is one of only seven category 1 hotels in Europe at 7,500 points per night. Rates are in the 50 to 60 EUR range for winter or summer 2017. Room rates this low means points are only worth about $7 to $8 per 1,000 points. Since it costs more to buy 7,500 points from Marriott Rewards than the redemption value, the importance of loyalty promotions for earning 7,500 bonus points is an important consideration.

Marriott Rewards MegaBonus double points Jan16-April15 means $375 in hotel spend earns about 7,500 points. The $375 spend level decreases if you have elite membership.

$375 in room rate spend earns 7,500 Marriott Rewards points for a non-elite member staying at Marriott brand hotels with 2x MegaBonus points Jan 16-April 15, 2017.

I think of this as a 17% rebate in 7,500 Marriott Rewards points given the potential savings on a $64 (60 EUR) room rate for Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport.

AC Brescia, AC Vicenza, AC Padova

There are also three Marriott Rewards category 2 hotels in Italy out of 51 category 2 hotels in Europe. Marriott Rewards category 2 hotels are 10,000 points reward nights.

AC Hotel Brescia, AC Hotel Vicenza and AC Hotel Padova are all Marriott category 2 hotels at 10,000 points per night on the route from Milan to Venice, Italy.

AC Hotels cat2  Italy

AC Brescia is 140 km east of Milan MXP airport. Public transportation takes about 2 hours, less with a car. AC Vicenza is 120 km east of AC Brescia. AC Padova is 40 km east of Vicenza. The island city of Venice is only 35 km east of Padova and Venice airport VCE is 40km.

AC Vicenza rates range from 50 to 67 EUR.

AC Padova has rates in 75 to 90 EUR range July 2017.

24 of the 51 category 2 hotels in Europe are AC Hotels in Spain. AC Hotels are a Spain-based hotel chain founded in 1998 and purchased by Marriott International in 2011 when the Spain real estate market hit the skid.

Italy is one of the places where Marriott Rewards members can earn or burn points on a route between Milan MXP airport and the city of Venice with four inexpensive and low category hotels at 7,500 or 10,000 points per reward night.

My 50% discount objective for hotel stays

My loyalty traveler hotel objective, just like in my grocery shopping where I am a bargain buyer, is strive for a 50% discount on room rate.

In this situation with Marriott Rewards MegaBonus, that means $375 spend to earn 7,500 bonus points will unlikely get me anything close to $375 in free room night savings for a 50% discount on my overall hotel spend. Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport is not a high value reward night and points can be saved for more valuable redemption opportunities.

While I generally do not average a 50% rebate on most paid room stays, I consistently find 25% to 40% rebates on hotel rooms through hotel loyalty programs over the course of the year.

Sometimes I fare much better than 50% rebate, especially with points purchases. In September 2014, I stayed 13 nights in Norway on $850 paid for 200,000 Choice Privileges points. Those 13 hotel nights, including 5 nights in luxury hotels, had published room rates in excess of $5,000 combined for my 2-week trip at a time not too long ago when the Norwegian economy and prices were near the highest in the world for tourists.

IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks at 5,000 points per night and Wyndham Rewards GoFast cash and points rates for 3,000 points per reward night, plus a copay. Most of the hotel reward stays I have booked with GoFast are hotels with $25 to $60 copay. Both of these reward stay types typically save me more than 50% on the cost of hotel rooms.

Club Carlson 2-for-1 and 4-for-2 weekend rates are a straight 50% discount for Radisson Blu, Park Plaza and Park Inn properties in Europe, Middle East and Africa. These discount rates have the advantage of also qualifying for Club Carlson paid stay promotion bonuses.

Loyalty Traveler – January 2017 Hotel Promotions Guide


  • dhammer53 January 19, 2017

    The Moxy at MXP (across from the domestic terminal, and a 7 minute shuttle ride from the interNational terminal) is a cross between a W and Motel 6. It’s small, but every inch of space maximizes your enjoyment. A pleasant surprise.

  • Ric Garrido January 20, 2017

    I stumbled across the Moxy New Orleans last June one late Saturday night. Looked like a cool lobby environment and a nie location for New Orleans.

    Milan Malpensa MXP and Bergamo BGY have crossed my travel plan itineraries several times in past two years, but I keep changing my Europe travel plans to places farther east.

    I’d like to check out that Moxy MXP one of these days, but my real preference for a category 1 Marriott Rewards hotel stay is Courtyard Pilsen, Czechia.

  • M January 20, 2017

    For those low cash rates, I would try to find a BRG that would bring the price 25% lower.

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